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All About ARTstor: Using Images

This guide will show users how to perform basic functions in the ARTstor database.

Register for an account

ARTstor users will need to create an account to print, download, and create image groups. Watch the video below to learn how to register.

Why create an ARTstor account?

There are several benefits to creating a registered user account for ARTstor including:

  • Access to advanced tools
  • Digital remote access for 120 days (after which you will have to log in again through your institution to verify that you still belong with that institution)
  • Access to the digital library regardless of being connected through your campus
  • Access shared folders
  • Save and organize images into image groups
  • Create a customized profile
  • Export image groups in batches using export to PowerPoint feature

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Laura Sheets

Viewing Images

Clicking on an image will display a high-res copy with all descriptive data. One of the best reasons to use ARTstor are its high-quality images (all of which can be downloaded) and complete descriptive data, including, usually, medium, dimensions and location.

screenshot of full size image from ARTstor


  • Clicking on any part of the image will zoom in. 
  • Hover over the image to display a plus sign icon to zoom in, a minus sign icon to zoom out, and a square icon to reset
  • Buttons to link, download, print and add image to group (plus sign) are located at the upper right of the screen.
    • ​You will need to create an account in ARTstor to download images or save them to an image group.
    • Links to images will need to be altered to be accessible from off campus. Add the following text to the beginning of the url to make it accessible from off-campus:
      Example of an off-campus accessible image link: