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ARTD 3040: Three-Dimensional Design: Home


Today's Class

This class is designed to introduce you to the variety of visual and research objects available in the library's collections.

We will use images from the "Atomic Age Opens" Postcard Project to discuss approaches to beginning research on a specific object, paying special attention to the following concepts from your assignment:

  • Temporal context (period/era/year/date)
  • Geographical context (location, culture)
  • Technique (technology, method of production)
  • Aesthetic (formal characteristics: color, shape pattern)

We will discuss ways to search for library resources online and how to connect to a number of different library search tools.


1) Choose one of the images below from the "Atomic Age Opens" Postcard Project. You may work in groups of two or three.

2) Brainstorm keywords for each of these contexts for your image:

  • Temporal context (period/era/year/date)
  • Geographical context (location, culture)
  • Technique (technology, method of production)
  • Aesthetic (formal characteristics: color, shape pattern)

3) Find and take pictures (on an iPad or phone) of four to seven physical or online objects in the library's collection relating to the image you chose. The objects can include, but are not limited to:

  • books (online or physical)
  • journal articles (online or physical)
  • images
  • primary sources: albums, posters, zines (online or physical)
  • government documents (online or physical)

4) Present your image and the pictures you took, explaining for each resource you found a) what it is (book, article, image, etc.), b) how you found it, and c) how it relates to your image.

We will begin by visiting the Music Library & Sound Recordings Archives on the third floor after a brief tour of the first floor.


Click on each image to visit it in the Digital Gallery and see a larger copy.

One: Map

Two: Comic

Three: Manray

Four: Kin Jung

Five: Plane

Six: Ground Zero

Finding Government Documents

MapFinding Government Documents Using Summon

Use Summon. Limit to "Government Documents" under "Content Type." You will find print and online materials.

Use the content type limiter on the left in Summon and choose "government document"

Finding Government Documents Using the BGSU Catalog

Use the BGSU Catalog advanced search and limit by location. Use the date limiters to find primary sources.

In the catalog advanced search, you can limit to location government documents at the bottom.

Finding Books

MarilynFinding Books Using Summon

Use Summon. Limit to "Books" under "Content Type." Pay attention to the book's location, shown next to the call number.

In Summon, limit to book on the left. You will see the call number and location of books displayed beneath the title in the search results.

Finding Books Using the BGSU Catalog

Use the BGSU Catalog. You can use "Map It" to show the range number/location of a book.

The Map It button appears in the catalog next to the call number.

Finding Journals

Kim JungFinding Periodicals in Print

Most of our journals are online, but we still
have a lot of print titles dating back to the
1960s and even earlier. They are all located
on the first floor behind the Learning
Commons in alphabetical order by title.

  • American Naturalist, 1867-2010
  • Atlantic Monthly, 1900-present
  • Esquire, 1933-present
  • Harper's Bazaar, 1969-1992
  • Jet, 1968-1997
  • Ladies' Home Journal, 1891-present
  • Life, 1936-1993
  • Look, 1962-1971
  • Nature, 1960-2006
  • Newsweek, 1936-2012
  • Redbook, 1963-present
  • Scientific American, 1896-present
  • Seventeen, 1961-present
  • Sports Illustrated, 1969-2013
  • Time, 1924-present
  • U.S. News & World Report, 1940-2010

Finding Periodicals Online

You can use Summon and our subject-specific databases to find current scholarly articles (for art & art history, I recommend Art Full Text and JSTOR). If you are looking for primary sources, we have these online:

Finding Images & Video

ComicFinding Images & Video

Try these databases:

- Rock & Roll, Counterculture, Peace & Protest

- ARTstor

- Berg Fashion Library

You can also use the format limiters in Summon to find images and video:

In summon you can limit by content type to video recording, image, or art