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Alternative and Underground Press Publications: A-Z List of Titles

Examine the social and cultural history of the 1960s, 1970s, and subsequent decades.

A-Z List of Titles

A-Z List of Titles

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Published by the Asian Studies department at the University of California - Berkeley, this paper covers all aspects of the Asian experience in America.
A collection of news articles, covering areas ranging from the war to local issues. Also, book and record reviews, an ecology section, and cartoons.
Active Transformation
Focuses on environmental policy
“Newspaper of the Homophile Community”, covering all aspects of gay issues and lifestyles.
Akwesasne Notes
“A journal for native and natural peoples.” Also discusses human rights issues and publishes Native American poetry.
Published at Northwestern University. Covers student issues.
All You Can Eat
Radical community publication of the Newark-Jersey City area.
Alternatives! Foundation Newsletter
Also a supplement to the Modern Utopian. Primarily concerned with maintaining a current listing of existing communes and matching up prospective members.
Alternatives Journal: newsletter of the alternative culture
News, information, and commentary on communal living in the United States as well as book reviews on both national and international communes.
American Mass Line
Newspaper of the American Communist Workers' Movement. A revolutionary call to action aimed towards youth and students is featured.
American Student
Coverage of the anti-imperialist American Student Movement.
Ann Arbor Argus
News and information from a Communist “power to the people” perspective.
Ann Arbor Sun
A radical guide to national and local politics and issues. Includes music, concert, art, movie, and book reviews. “Edited by John Sinclair and designed by Gary Grimshaw, the Sun first appeared in 1967 in Detroit, emanating from the Trans-Love Energies collective. Growing more politically active, Sinclair and Grimshaw moved to Ann Arbor, where Trans-Love Energies metmorphosed into the White Panther party, championing liberation through rock & roll, dope, and other activities. Sun/Dance, the WPP newspaper, received nationwide distribution, though only intermittently. The first Ann Arbor Sun was published in may 1971 under the auspices of the Rainbow People's Party, a political organization chaired by Sinclair, who was in prison. The newspaper separated from the RPP in January 1973, and flourished under Barbara Weinberg's directin. In November 1974, Sinclair and crew, now called Rainbow Productions, were hired to advise on the paper's content, design, and distribution. In an effort to widen its audience, in July 1975 the Sun expanded its coverage to the Detroit area and shortened its name. In October, the Sun moved back to Detroit, and died.” (Red House Books Catalog 6, “The Sixties”, ca. September, 1990.)
“Hippie” oriented photography, poetry and opinions.
The Arena
A paper for Stanford University faculty reporting university issues and events.
Astral Projection
A collection of ecological, drug, and music information.
Literary journal featuring art, fiction, poetry, and essays on astrology, spiritualism, and the occult.
Attitude Check
A servicemen's anti-war newspaper.
Features art, music, poetry, and Boston happenings from a Leftist perspective. Each issue contains a street survival directory.



Berkeley Barb
One of the more successful and well-known undergrounds, reporting news and all aspects of the counterculture from a radical perspective. “One of the first underground papers, founded in August 1965 by Max Scherr. At the November '65 march on the Oakland induction center, he hawked his paper with the cry 'Read the Barb, it's pleasure not a duty!' Scherr's brand of iconoclasm embraced the New Left, sexual freedom, black militancy, LSD, and just about anything else that might challenge the status quo. In 1969, due to a split between Scherr and the paper's staff, most of the strikers quit to start a new paper, the Tribe. Soon after, the Barb changed hands.” (Red House Books Catalog 6, “The Sixties,” ca. September, 1990.)
Berkeley Tribe
Ribal of the Barb, this paper was published as a guide to national and international political news, the anti-war movement, and the actions of the anti-establishment. “The Berkeley Tribe began when the Barb staff walked out and started their own paper. In contrast to the Barb's slapdash layouts, the Tribe was a joy to look at.” (Red House Books Catalog 6, “The Sixties,” ca. September, 1990.)
The BG Hemorrhoid
A somewhat sexual, satirical paper produced by BGSU students. (Collection located in University Libraries' Center for Archival Collections.)
The Black Liberator
Publication of the Cuyahoga Community College covering national and campus issues of interest to black students.
The Black Panther
A member of the Black Community News Service and voice of the militant Black Panther Party.
The Black Times
Explores concerns of the national black community from a radical perspective.
The Bond
Paper for soldiers in support of Vietnam moratorium and anti-war movement. Contains letters from soldiers serving in Vietnam.
Boston Community News
Information on local issues and events along with a focus on national problems and some possible solutions.
Bread, Peace and Land
A publication joining all special interest groups, including women, Chicanos, and Native Americans working for social change.
Brief Candle
Radical alternative to the Iowa State Daily (Iowa State University)
Broadside and The Free Press
Student articles and music reviews from the Boston/Cambridge area are contained in the paper.
The Buddhist 3rd Class Junkmail Oracle
Features art, photographs, collages, and articles from the anti-war counterculture.
Bugle American
A journal of news events, concert and record reviews, and community happenings in the Milwaukee area.
Burning River Oracle
Coverage of radical activity by revolutionary groups across the country, yet also focuses on issues of local interest. The 1969 issue features a letter from Jerry Rubin in prison.



The CDL Report
Publication of the Christian Defense League, an extreme right-wing group.
Campus Underground
Paper covering news on the draft, anti-war movement, SD, and other issues pertaining to students and student activism.
Canyon Collective
A report on aspects of communal living. Also an instructional guide on how to use the media (radio and newspapers) to further their causes.
The Capital Reporter
Alternative news source for the Jackson area.
Political satire and criticism of Nixon, Agnew, Cranston, Kissinger and Hershey through illustrations.
The Carleton
Published by the Carleton Student's Association as an alternative news source. Issue features poetry and photography.
National magazine of Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), this issue is dedicated to the March 22 battle in Paris fought by students and workers to end oppression and bring about a Communist revolution.
“The Revolutionary Communist Newspaper,” published by the Progressive Labor Party, is partially printed in Spanish and provides international coverage of events.
Chicago Teacher
Official publication of the Chicago Teacher's Union.
Self-proclaimed underground news source for the Des Moines area. Community issues oriented.
Clear Creek
A radical environmental journal with a consciousness-raising purpose. Articles cover topics such as organic gardening, oil spills, and eco-guerilla tactics.
The Clear Head
Publication of the Underground Press Syndicate (UPS). This issue details the history of the UPS and a list of then current members.
Cleveland After Dark
Alternative news source on the city's galleries, theaters and music, along with book and record reviews and a calendar of events.
Self-described as “the most unusual paper in America” and “a scrapbook of the Seventies,” it contains articles on Art Deco, witchcraft, and astrology.
Columbus Free Press
Reports news to the community from a radical perspective.
Columbus Gay Activist
Common Sense
“America's newspaper against Communism.”
Connections (Madison, WI)
A radical student publication.
Connections (Toledo, OH)
The Councilor
A right-wing, anti-Semitic, anti-Black publication claiming, “malice towards none, but truth for all who open their eyes.”
The Crazy Paper
Photo-journalistic social commentary.
Crystal City News
Publication of the community's revolutionary movement and the New Movement Collective.



Dallas News
A radical paper devoted to fighting the Establishment.
Dallas Notes
A mixture of politics, poetry and counterculture news. Formerly affiliated with Dallas News.
Dock of the Bay
Community newspaper covering issues from tenant's rights to nationwide strikes. Extensive use of photography and art work to illustrate stories.
Alternative media source for San Diego news and events. Name changed to San Diego Door. See listing under that title for further issues.
Druid Free Press
News about the community and the anti-war movement. Features article on underground comic strips.
Duck Power
“Published in the interest of the enlisted man” against the war. Created by the Movement for a Democratic Military (MDM).



Earth Times
These issues are bound. “The function of Earth Times is to sustain the environmental movement by supplying the real activists with information to cut through the various smokescreens.”
East Village Eye
East Village Other
Alternative paper covering a variety of national issues while keeping a local perspective. Also contains book reviews, art work, and social and political satire.



Fag Rag
A gay male publication featuring poetry and photography. This issue includes an interview with Gerald Mélange and a tribute to W.H. Auden.
News and information from an anti-war, anti-establishment perspective. For students by students.
Feast of Fools
Political and issue-oriented in nature, this paper includes articles on women in the military and Nixon's trip to China.
The Fiery Cross
Known as the “Voice of United Klans of America,” the papers contain several photographs of actual Klan demonstrations and rallies, along with “Klan Komix.”
Fifth Estate
Reports the activities of Detroit's counterculture. The March 1968 issue features reviews of visits by Timothy Leary and Eugene McCarthy to the city.
International revolutionary paper published by SD.
Free Campus News
A national student paper from a radical perspective, stating its purpose as “presenting the news others do not deem fit to print.”
Free Flowing
A collection of news, poetry, and book reviews.
Free Prairie Press
A journal of revolutionary topics. Includes discussions on barbiturates, counterculture cooking, and Timothy Leary's relationship with Eldridge Cleaver.
Free Ranger Intertribal News Service
Some of the best articles from all UPS (Underground Press Syndicate) member papers gathered into one news source. Most issues feature an interview with personalities such as Abbie Hoffman, Janis Joplin, Eldridge Cleaver, and Bob Dylan.
Free Student
News of political and student issues from around the world.
Freedom News
“Advocating peace and human dignity in our time.” Issue focuses on pollution.
Freedom Reader
A publication of letters from the movement's imprisoned. Also information on all revolutions -- from sexual to political.
The Funny Papers
“Lots of games, comics and other nice stuff.” Social satire in color print.



Evolved from a strictly entertainment magazine to a more issue-oriented, gay rights publication.
Gay Sunshine
Information, movie reviews, and poetry published by gay men.
Gay Times
Fiction, semi-fiction, news, and information for the national gay community.
Georgia Straight
“Tyrant's foe...the people's friend” An anarchistic, revolutionary approach to social problems and world issues.
Gimme Shelter
A community newspaper attempting to bridge generational gaps.
Good Times
Radical, anti-war, anti-establishment publication. Includes movie and record reviews, poetry, and several photographs from anti-war rallies.
Gothic Blimp Works
“Adults only” comic supplement to the East Village Other. Subtitled “the first monthly underground comic paper,” this issue features a cover by R. Crumb.
Official paper of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.
Grass Roots
“A national publication of the people's parties,” discussing radical activities and activism.
Grass Roots Gazette
Published by proponents for legalization of marijuana. Features an interview with Allen Ginsberg.
Great Speckled Bird
Well-known southern underground covering all facets of the movement.
The Guardian
A national, independent radical newsweekly still in publication today.
A guide to politics, music, books, and other information for the city's counterculture.



Haight-Ashbury Free Press
A hip collection of photography, poetry, and philosophy. Issue features an interview with Jimi Hendrix.
The Harbinger
A source of information and analysis covering all aspects of the movement.
Psychedelic journal of news, art, music, poetry, and Seattle happenings.
Anti-establishment paper with several political cartoons, other art work, and a reader response section.
High Ideals
Covers issues pertaining to the legalization of marijuana and user's rights. Special issue on the Iowa NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) conference.
High and Mighty
Underground paper of Grinnell College.
Hollywood Free Paper
Put out by the Jesus People, it takes a hip, youth-oriented approach to religion.
Hooka Notes
Radical alternative featuring news on Vietnam, drugs, social issues, and music.



The continuation of Dallas Notes, following the tradition of presenting news and information on all aspects of the counterculture.
In the Heart of the Beast
News from an anti-war, “power to the people” point of view.
Independent American
A right-wing approach to political topics.
Independent Eye
Alternative news source for Cincinnati's revolutionary community.
The beginnings of Andy Warhol's Interview. A collection of photographs, reviews of alternative films, and interviews with the stars, directors and other members of the alternative film community.
Independent Socialist
A revolutionary social publication covering international politics and the labor movement as well as looking at how traditional Marxist, Leninist and Maoist ideologies apply to current issues.
Iowa City Oppressed Citizen
Addresses the issues and concerns of high school students in articles such as “School Manifesto” and “Guerilla Teacher's Manual.”
It Ain't Me Babe
Journal dedicated to the battle for women's liberation. Includes related news of the movement from around the world along with poetry and essays. (See also the Herstory, Women's History Collection, Microfilm Collection for additional titles.)



Jewish Liberation Journal
A forum for the exchange of ideas and concerns of young, radical Jews.



Kaleidoscope (Chicago)
An alternative news source for the counterculture from a radical perspective.
Kent Dragonfire
A community information service serving as “another weapon with which to build our New Nation.” Featuring a letter from Angela Davis and an editorial by the survivors of the Kent Massacre.
The Kudzu
“Subterranean news from the heart of Ole Dixie.”



A revolutionary publication created to serve the movement and address its problems.
The Liberal Context
Anti-war and counterculture news from the perspective of the Student Religious Liberals.
Liberated Guardian
Supplement to the Guardian and voice of the Revolutionary Workers Collective.
Long Beach Free Press
Anti-war, community-based alternative paper. The October 29 issue features an interview with Angela Davis.
Lorain County Free Press
A radical paper with an anti-war, anti-establishment focus.
Los Angeles Free Press
Recognized as the first underground newspaper, the LA Free Press covers political issues from an independent, anti-establishment perspective. It also features movie and book reviews, astrology, theater, food, and a welfare advocacy and medical advice column. Issues in the collection contain articles on counterculture events and personalities such as Woodstock, the Stones and Altamount, John and Yoko, and interviews with Charles Manson and Allen Ginsberg. Because the paper covers such a wide variety of topics, it is an excellent source for cultural and historical information.
Paper of the White Panther Party, focusing on local issues of interest.



Madison Kaleidoscope
Local events and news.
Marijuana Report
Published by the Oregon Marijuana Initiative, in the interests of legalization.
Maverick (Haight-Ashbury)
A sexually-oriented collection of poetry, fiction, and comics.
The Metro
Local, politically-oriented publication.
Miami Free Press
Alternative news source for the Miami area.
Michigan Free Press
An independent news source covering local to global issues.
Middle Earth
A politically-oriented underground paper.
The Militant
Socialist newspaper covering world political events and workers' interests.
Minority Report
A publication in the interest of all minorities. The September issue features a look at Woodstock, and the December issue is dedicated to all aspects of women's liberation.
Morning Glory
Alternative paper for the “hip” community, featuring poetry and articles on meditation, astrology, and the occult.
The Movement
A paper expressing Communist ideals and a call to action for all revolutionaries. The October, 1969 issue is dedicated to the life of Ho Chi Minh.
Muhammad Speaks
A publication of the Black Muslim movement covering international events.
Music Month
Review of the Detroit music scene.



National Informer
“Adults only” sexually-oriented alternative.
Natural Life Styles
A guide to organic living, including recipes, product information, gardening, and communal living.
New America
Published by the Socialist Party and the Social Democratic Federation.
New Left Notes
Publication of the Students for a Democratic Society (SD) covering activities of all branches of the group, as well as news and information that concerns the movement. “Distributed only to dues-paying SD members, New Left Notes was the medium by which SD's national office kept in contact with the membership. It was, Kirkpatrick Sale wrote, `pasted up in the back rooms...never looking the same from one week to another, and regularly in the hands of well-meaning but inexperienced editors; but it had a kind of style to it, a snappiness, an enthusiasm, that made up for its obvious amateurishness.' For a movement with very few other means of communication, New Left Notes was an invaluable and unduplicatable forum, providing a vehicle for tactical and ideological debates, reports on local activity, and front-line dispatches from the antiwar and black power movements.” (Red House Books Catalog #6, “The Sixties,” ca. September, 1990.)
New Mobilizer
Provides information about offensives and demonstrations of the anti-war movement.
New Morning (Berkeley, CA)
A collection of public service information and poetry published by the New Morning Collective.
New Morning (Pacific Grove, CA)
A variety of different topics, such as Native American concerns and ecology, are covered in this human rights oriented publication.
New Prairie Primer
An alternative featuring political action, protest, and human rights news.
New World Rising
New York Free Press
Alternative news source for the New York city area.
New York Herald Tribune
A publication focusing on all aspects of the movement. This issue features an article entitled, “Who Really Killed Bobby Kennedy?”
News & Letters
A revolutionary Communist publication.
The Northcoast Ripsaw
News of concern to the logging and paper industry and the Eureka community from a radical perspective.



An extensive paper covering political issues as well as films, books, music, and poetry.
Off Our Backs
A paper for all those fighting the battle for women's liberation. Featured topics are women in the political realm, birth control and abortion. The two issues in the collection also focus on International Women's Day. (See also the Herstory, Women's History Collection, Microfilm Collection for additional titles.)
Old Mole
Taking its title from a quote from Marx, this paper publishes radical views on politics and cultural events along with book and movie reviews.
Open City
An anti-war and protest oriented publication.
Oracle of Southern California
With the San Francisco Oracle as the “spiritual parent” of this publication, it covers the same subject matter for the youth of Southern California.
A magazine collection of Underground Press Syndicate articles, reviews, and interviews with a psychedelic slant.
Other Scenes
An international underground, displaying a prominent use of cartoons and illustrations, that covers all aspects of alternative subcultures. Started in 1967 by John Wilcock. Includes the famous “Do it Yourself” issue.
Issues from the Ringle collection are in Box 55 of the collection.
Outlaw Times
Radical movement paper. Includes the ten point program of the White Panther Party.
Outside the Net
A news magazine by and for educators from a radical perspective. It reports on free schools, universities, and alternatives in education.
“A Yipster Times” (later Yippie) publication published by the Youth International Party Information Service. Political satire on current news issues comprises the paper's concerns.



A paper of the Revolutionary Puerto Rican Workers Party written in Spanish.
The Paper
Toledo's alternative news source for the “hip” community. Features recipes, food co-op information, and book and record reviews.
The Patriot
Published by the Patriot Party's Ministry of Information. An organization championing the cause of all oppressed people, especially white Americans.
The Patriotic Press
Features articles on news issues and problems from a pro-American point of view.
Peace and Freedom National Organizer
Publication of the radical Peace and Freedom Movement.
Peacemaker, The
Published by the Peacemaker Movement and dedicated to pacifism.
The Peak
Politically-focused paper of Simon Fraser University. The October 19 issue features Le Front de Liberation du Quebec (FLQ) and its manifesto.
Peninsula Observer
A publication supporting the Black Panthers, American Civil Liberties Union, etc. Lists local happenings and events. Contains advertisements for the Woodstock Festival.
The People, Yes
National political news and local anti-establishment happenings.
The People's America Daily News
Revolutionary daily produced under the leadership of the American Communist Worker's Movement.
The Plain Rapper
“An attempt to present news and analysis that will be relevant for those turned on to the need for fundamental change in the U.S.” This issue focuses on the “role of the university in establishing and defending the American Empire.”
The Plain Truth
A publication aimed towards promoting Black Power in the community.
A publication with changing themes rotating around music and counterculture personalities, it utilizes an extensive amount of photography.
Provincial Press
Underground news source for the Spokane area.
Underground paper concerned with drugs, the anti-war movement, and other aspects of the counterculture.



Queen City Express
Underground paper of radical political and community issues.
Quicksilver Times
A radical political voice with input from famous members of the movement, such as Abbie Hoffman, Dick Gregory, Bobby Seale, and Tom Hayden.



The Rag
An underground covering all aspects of the counterculture. This issue contains “Vietnam” Poetry.
Rat: Subterranean News
Well known political underground. Issue number 4 is a Chicago Convention special, including maps and itineraries.
A community information publication that discusses health, music and food, and includes a calendar of events in each issue.
Covers music, film, theater, and other alternative entertainments. Features an article on tattooing.
The Realist
Paper edited by Paul Krassner covering radical issues through interviews, satire, and illustration.
Thoughts on revolution and a new society with an interview with the exiled Eldrige Cleaver.
The Red Mole
Revolutionary socialist news from a British perspective.
The Report
Published by the Oregon Marijuana Initiative, it speaks for the movement to legalize marijuana. Topics such as marijuana and movies, medical marijuana, and tips on growing your own are included.
The Resistance
News on all groups fighting against the war in Vietnam.
Right On
Produced for and by high school students and non-high school youth of the Mass Liberation Front in the interest of anti-imperialism and bringing power to the people.
Rising Up Angry
A radical publication dedicated to fighting the oppression of all races.



St. Louis Free Press
Alternative news source for the St. Louis area.
San Diego Door
Alternative media source for San Diego news and events. Continuation of the Door.
San Diego Free Door to Liberation
A community underground attacking the establishment. Also contains music and concert news.
San Diego Free Press
Published with an anti-war focus.
San Francisco Express Times
Left-wing perspective on news and coverage of cultural events.
San Francisco Free Press
News and information for the counterculture community.
San Francisco Oracle
Colorful and full of detailed illustrations, this spiritually-oriented paper covers the “Hippie” culture. “The Oracle and communication company's free press were the two main voices of Haight Street in the Summer of Love.” (Red House Books Catalog #6 “The Sixties,” ca. September, 1990.)
Holdings include City of San Francsico Oracle
Saturday Evening Bust
“The Ames community people's magazine” directed towards the drug using subculture.
A paper full of sexual innuendo, photographs, and news for victims of the sexual revolution.
Second City
Covers all aspects of the alternative culture, including left wing politics, natural living, and music. The December issue contains an article entitled “A Review of Violence in Recent American Art.”
Second Coming
A revolutionary news source from Eastern Michigan University, covering the Weathermen, Black Panthers, etc. (See also the Herstory, Women's History Collection, Microfilm Collection for additional titles.)
The Seed
Well known underground. Very colorful coverage of all radical and “hippie” subculture happenings. Features poetry, a weekly “Dope Report,” and theater and music reviews.
“A newsletter for librarians, editors, collectors and other interested in Third World studies, the alternative (formerly called underground) and independent (also called small) press.”
Soho News
Covers theater, books, dance, art, music, film, style, and politics.
South Vietnam in Struggle
Published by the South Vietnam National Front for Liberation.
The Spectacle
Collection of literary and politically oriented (socialist) articles, reviews, and essays.
The Spectator
Published at Indiana University, the paper covers student interests and politics. The 1967 issue features the article “Rock and Revolt, State of the Movement.”
Spokane Natural
Alternative publication for the Spokane area. Deals with Indian rights, student activities, environmental issues, etc.
“A journal of political education.” Follows right-wing philosophy. Published by the National Youth Alliance. (Grew out of the Youth for Wallace 1968 election campaign.)
See also alternative serials in the Ringle Collection, MS-33.
Streaking Times
All about the streaking fad of the 1970s. One article compares streaking to other campus fads of the past. A “how-to” article is also included.
Street Journal
Remained similar to S.D. Free Press, but expanded to focus more on news and issues.
Student Action (San Bernadino, CA)
Being “The Student Voice of Campus Crusade for Christ,” this paper covers “the happenings of a world-wide movement” from a religious viewpoint.
Student Action (Ann Arbor, MI)
Publication of the Student Government Council at the University of Michigan covering news and events of interest to the students.
Student Mobilizer
Published by the Student Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam.
The Sun
Covers community news, sports, music, art, tenant's rights, entertainment, etc. [See also Ann Arbor Sun.]
Publication of the National White Power Party. Includes regional party reports, bulletins from The Weathermen, and news about other militant happenings. [See also Ann Arbor Sun.]
The Sunday Paper
Contains comics and alternative news articles concerning the San Fransisco area.
A potpourri of community news, satire, book reviews, cartoons, and recipes.
Syracuse Sun
A community news and information bulletin. Features an interview with Holly Near.



Take Over
Interviews and investigative reports from a leftist perspective. Also includes some poetry and cartoons.
The Thunderbolt
A publication of the States' Rights Party, this paper expresses a white supremist and racist viewpoint.
In-depth coverage of news from the New Left.
The Heterodoxical Voice
Touch : White Panther Party Intercommunal News Service
As part of the White Panther Inter-Communal News Service, this paper is aimed towards informing revolutionaries dedicated to “bringing power to the people.”



A campus paper from the State University of New York at Buffalo, this publication attempts to explain the position of the Radical Left to the Buffalo community.
U.S. Farm news
Takes a radical approach to coverage of farm and agricultual interests of independent farmers.



Vietname G.I. (U.S. edition)
"For all those guys on stateside bases who wanted a rag that talked about their hassles ... the original VGI will continue as the Asian edition."
Vietnam G.I.
The Asian edition of the previous title.
View From the Bottom
Revolutionary paper at the local level. Contains “Pig-hate” articles.
Village Voice
Alternative source for news and cultural events in and around Greenwich Village.
La Voz del Pueblo
Contains news pertaining to the Chicano population in America. Partially written in Spanish.



A call to action for Socialist social change.
Paper of United Native America.
Washington Free Press
Published by the Washington Free Community, this paper served as an alternative source for news and events in the DC area.
Washington Park Spirit
Community news for the Albany area.
A national newspaper of Indian America, it includes information on human rights and poetry.
Weekly People
Published by the Socialist Labor Party, it covers national socialist causes and events.
Westport Trucker
A “Hippie” paper containing news, cartoons, and ecological information.
White Patriot
Right wing publication of the White Nationalist Party.
White Power
Newspaper promoting the white revolution through racist propaganda. (See also Alternative newsletters in the Ringle collection.)
Worker's Power
Published by the International Socialists in the interest of all workers of the world.
Worker's Vanguard
Published by the National Circulation Sparticist Publication Co. The paper contains coverage of socialist worker's movements.
Worker's World
Concerned with uniting black and white workers and bringing them to power




Yipster Times
Publication of the radical Youth International Party
Young Spartacus
Paper of the Spartacus Youth League, a socialist organization based on the politics of Marx, Lenin, and Trotsky



Anti-war and anti-establishment news