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Special Collections

Click on each floor to explore our special collections.

Access the home page of the Center for Archival Collections

Access the home page of the Browne Popular Culture Library

Access the home page of the Music Library Sound Recordings Archives

Access the home page of the Curriculum Resource Center

Access the research guide on government information

Visiting Scholars

Accessing Wifi

Wifi SymbolTo obtain wireless access in the library during your visit,  you can visit this page to obtain access via your phone.  If you prefer not to obtain access this way, a librarian can obtain guest access for you when you arrive from the Technology Support Center at 2-0999.

Using Archives

The Society of American Archivists offer a free 16 page guide, "Using Archives:  A Guide to Effective Research" that is applicable to both new and veteran users of archives.  This link will connect you to both web and downloadable pdf versions of this tool.

What to Bring With You

There are a few things you might want to make sure you have for your visit.

  • Photo I.D. - many areas require a photo I.D. in order to view materials
  • Money to purchase a BG1 card if you want to make photocopies
  • Flash drive (or some kind of external storage device) on which to put scans or full-text of materials if you do not wish to email

Campus Dining Options

Bowling Green State University Dining Services take cash at all locations. Please note that most of the Student Union dining options will be closed for renovations May-August 2012.  For maps and hours please visit the Dining Services website.

The library's cafe, Thinkers @ Outtakes, will be open intermittently throughout the summer.  View Thinkers @ Outtakes Hours

Store Your Stuff

Photo credit: Kate Najacht

If you need a safe place to stash your stuff for the day, you can borrow a lock from the Circulation Desk and help yourself to one of our lockers. Just make sure you retrieve your belongings and return the lock before the library closes!

Contact Information



To make copies, you'll need to purchase a guest card. You can purchase one for $2.00 from the machine across from the circulation desk on the first floor. 

Using the same machine, add enough cash to the card to cover the copying you want to do. Prices for copying in color and black-and-white are posted near the copy machines. 

Save your guest card! You can add money to it and reuse it as much as you like. Unfortunately, none of our copy machines accept coins or other forms of payment, so it's the only way to make copies.

The cost for printing is:

$0.05 for a one side printed black and white page

$0.09 for a two side printed black and white page

$0.18 for a one side printed color page

$0.35 for a two side printed color page


Scanning is free! There are scanner/photocopiers on every floor that scan to your email or a flash drive. Some floors have additional scanners for use. You are also free to bring your own scanner. Be aware, however, that there are some materials that cannot be scanned because of their fragile nature. Personnel on each floor will let you know if you've requested to use these kinds of materials.