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Fast Track : Evaluate

A student's guide to high-performance research

Evaluating Websites

Because anyone with a little computer knowledge and an opinion can create a webpage, it's more important than ever to evaluate websites, especially if you want to incorporate information from one into a paper or some other type of scholarly work. Remember that the quality of your work depends on the quality of information you use.

Start evaluating websites using one of the following tools:


Test yourself!  Choose one of the evaluation tools above and apply it to one or more of the websites below.

NOTE: The views expressed on the following websites are not endorsed by BGSU Libraries.  They are merely examples for evaluation practice.


Sustainabilty: Basic Information
Environmental Sustainability Podcasts 


Cyberbullying Research Center
Cyberbullying @ KidsHealth 

Social Networking and Privacy

EPIC: Social Networking Privacy
Social Network Privacy
Online Privacy Alliance

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street
AdBusters #OccupyWallStreet
Occupy Together 
The Truth about the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Global Financial Crisis

Global Financial Crisis
Global Economic Crisis
The Economic Collapse 

More Sites

Ova Prima Foundation

National Lawn Care Now!
Dihydrogen Monoxide Homepage
The Dangers of Bread
Zombie Apocalypse 


TIP: Many professional organizations link to webpages they have reviewed and selected. Find out which professional organizations are affiliated with your discipline and visit their websites.

Can you spot the $10 Review?

"Sandra Parker, a freelance writer who was hired by a review factory this spring to pump out Amazon reviews for $10 each, said her instructions were simple."

This quote from a NY Times article illustrates the need to carefully evaluate websites and the claims found on them. As services like this become increasingly popular, the need for evaluation grows.