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Alumni Services: Books and Other Materials

Can I Still Check Out Books?

If you are graduating, your library account will be deactivated on graduation day.

After this date, you may obtain a free courtesy card. This will allow you to borrow BGSU books and request items through OhioLINK (bring your courtesy and a photo ID with you to check them out).

A courtesy card does not give you access to Interlibrary Loan (ILL) (interlibrary loan for articles and out-of-state borrowing). However, you can usually work through your local public library for interlibrary loan. There may be a small fee involved for this service; for example, the Wood County District Public Library in Bowling Green charges $2.00 for an out-of-network interlibrary loan request.

Ordering from OhioLINK

OhioLink Catalog

When you request materials from OhioLINK, enter your name and courtesy card number on the right side of the login screen. (Click image to see a larger version.)

You can also request to have your materials sent to another OhioLINK institution instead of BGSU. Just click on the drop-down box by Pickup Institution and select the one that's most convenient for you. Not sure which one that is? See this handy map of OhioLINK institutions.

Falcon Fans (1995)

Image from the BGSU Alumni Timeline

Can I Use Books and Other Materials in the Library?

Absolutely! If you're coming in to look at a particular collection (such as something in the Center for Archival Collections), it's a good idea to check the hours first.