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Art History: Finding books

Finding books at BGSU


You can find books in Summon by typing in a known title, author, or topic, then using the limiters next to your search results to narrow your results to just books.

There are many ways to refine your Summon searches using the limiters on the left side of the screen.

The BGSU Library Catalog can also be used to find books. This is sometimes a better way to search for books by topic, because

  • Summon searches for books AND articles at the same time (though you can limit a Summon search to books)
  • the catalog takes advantage of subject headings (see the box on this below)
  • the catalog searches the tables of contents of most of our books. These are not necessarily listed in Summon.

Subject searching

Keyword searches are a good way to start, but subject searches can be more specific. Try choosing "subject" from the drop-down menu in the catalog or a database and searching for some of these suggested subject terms.

To identify the subjects used to describe a book (or an article, if you are using a database), look for the "subjects" at the bottom of the full record.

Other library catalogs

Use OhioLINK to search for books at other Ohio libraries, or find books in libraries all over the world with WorldCat.

OhioLINK library catalog

Browsing books

You'll want to browse for art books both in the regular stacks and in the oversized books, which are on the first floor near the front of the book stacks. Many of the best images can be found in oversized books. Here is a browsing guide:

N5300-7418 History of art

  • N5300 General texts on Western Art
  • N5600-5700 Greek & Roman art
  • N5900 Medieval art
  • N6300 Renaissance art
  • N6400 Modern & contemporary art
  • N6500 Latin American & American art. Look for specific artists by last name beginning in N6537.
  • N7200 Asian art
  • N7300 African art
  • N7400 Art criticism & theory

NA Architecture

NB Sculpture

NC Drawing, design & illustration

  • NC997-1003 Commercial art, advertising art & graphic design
  • NC1800-1850 Posters

ND Painting

NE Printmaking and engraving

  • NE1310-1326.5 Japanese prints

NK Decorative arts, applied arts, decoration and ornament (including antiques in general)

  • NK1135-1149 Arts and crafts movement
  • NK3700-4695 Ceramics, pottery, porcelain
  • NK4700-4890 Costume and its accessories
  • NK4997-6060 Enamel, glass, glyptic arts (gems, jade, ivory, bone)
  • NK6400-8459 Metalwork (including armor, jewelry, plate, brasses, pewter)
  • NK8800-9505 Textile arts and art needlework
  • NK9600-9955 Woodwork (including carvings, fretwork, inlaying)

NX Arts in general, including works dealing with two or more of the fine arts media, i.e., literature, performing arts, and the visual arts

T351-385 Technical drawing, drafting and graphics, including computer programs

TR Photography

TT Industrial arts

  • TT180-200 Woodworking, Furniture Making, Upholstering
  • TT300-382.8 Painting, Industrial Painting, Wood Finishing
  • TT387-410 Soft Home Furnishings
  • TT490-695 Clothing Manufacture, Dressmaking, Tailoring
  • TT697-927 Home Arts, Home Crafts (including sewing, embroidery, decorative crafts)