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PUBH 2100: Introduction to Community Health: Articles

Resources to use when researching issues in community health.

Peer Reviewed or Scholarly FAQ

What are scholarly or peer reviewed articles?

Professors often require students to find scholarly and peer reviewed articles. These items:

  • generally focus on scholarly research
  • are written by experts in the field or discipline
  • are critically reviewed  by other experts before publication
  • contain cited references to the information sources used

How do I find scholarly or peer reviewed articles?

Many of the library's databases contain scholarly or peer reviewed material and allow you to limit your search to include only these articles in the results. Use the advanced search feature in a database to find the option to limit to this type of search.

See this LibGuide for more information on scholarly, popular and trade publications.

Ulrich's Will Say if Your Journal is Peer Reviewed

Look up the title of your periodical in Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory:

Entries include information about whether the journal or magazine is a referreed journal, another term for peer reviewed journal.

What to believe?

The organization sense-about-science provides several publications about peer-review that you may find beneficial.  Each of the following links, connects to a webpage with a PDF link, that allows you to download the PDF publication.

I Don't Know What to Believe: US version

Peer-Review:  The nuts and bolts

Find Full Text Articles


To find full text journals, see the Journal Title List page.

Popular vs. Scholarly

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

This video was created at North Carolina State University Libraries [ Anne Burke/Project Co-Lead, Script, Storyboards; Andreas Orphanides/Project Co-Lead, Script, Technical Infrastructure; Hyun-Duck Chung/Original script and concept; Kyle Langdon/Narration; Kim Duckett/Team Lead]

Medicine & Health Databases

Administration and Economics Databases

Business Source Complete, 1886 to present

Indexes the literature of business, management, marketing, and economics of business, including public health organizations.

Econlit, 1969 to present

Indexes the economic literature, including the economics of public health.

NBER Working Papers, 1973 to present

Papers, published by the National Bureau of Economic Research, on the economics of public policy, including public health.