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Finding Fiction: For Genres and Subjects

How to Search for Genres and Subjects

If you're more interested in a particular genre than a particular author, finding something to read can be trickier; there simply isn't a perfect way to get the catalog to give you a list of all the fiction on a particular topic. (And searching for a genre, such as science fiction or romance, will not get you what you want.)

One strategy is to try a WORD or SUBJECT search for topic fiction (replace topic with your area of interest, and note that fiction must come last on the line in a SUBJECT search). Knitting -- Fiction is a subject heading for 9 results in the BGSU catalog, so you never know what you might find! 

An even better idea is to search for recommendations, then look up the results in the BGSU catalog or OhioLINK. Keep in mind that results in the Popular Culture Library cannot be checked out; avoid disappointment by limiting your BGSU search Location to Jerome (Main) Library.

A Sample Search

Let's say you're looking for murder mysteries, so you decide to search for murder mystery fiction as an Any field search.

Search containing books about murder mysteries

It looks like you're getting books about murder mysteries. Let's try again, this time searching for murder fiction.

Search for murder fiction

Better! But these are all CRC books, according to the Location, and you might not be in the mood for something written for young adults. Let's go back and limit our location to Jerome (Main) Library, which will also cut out any results in the Popular Culture Library.

Search limited to Jerome Library     

Hmm, that's not right, either. What if we do a SUBJECT search for murder fiction?

Subject search for murder fiction              

Not quite perfect, perhaps (that second result isn't what you want), but much better!


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