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Finding Fiction: Browsing

Browsing LCC Can Be a Tall Order...

Venture into the stacks with a guide!

Here's a quick breakdown of fiction written in languages taught here at BGSU:

American fiction
     PS 700 - PS 3576

British fiction
     PR 2199 - PR 6126

Chinese fiction
     PL 2661 - PL 2979

French fiction
     PQ 1600 - PQ 2686

German fiction
     PT 1501 - PT 2728

Italian fiction
     PQ 4265 - PQ 4926

Japanese fiction
     PL 784 - PL 866

Russian fiction
     PG 3300 - PG 3493.96

Spanish fiction
     PQ 6271 - PQ 6726

What If I Just Want to Browse?

If you like YA fiction, head up to the Curriculum Resource Center on the 2nd floor!

Otherwise, a public library is a great option. Books at public libraries are arranged to encourage and facilitate browsing, with special displays and convenient arrangement by genre and author. But if you're determined to browse the Jerome Library stacks, here are a few tips to help you:

  • Use this LCC Classification Outline for P to determine what range you should browse. Remember that a book will be shelved under the language in which it was originally written, even if it's an English translation.
  • Expect to encounter a lot of books that are about fiction.
  • Most of our novels and comic books are in the Browne Popular Culture Library and can't be checked out or browsed.
  • Look at the glass display cases near the entrance to see a selection of new books that might interest you.
  • Try the New Books feed for Jerome Library. Fiction and non-fiction are mixed together, but you might see something that catches your eye!


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