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RefWorks: Write-N-Cite

What is Write-N-Cite?

Write-N-Cite allows users to run a version of RefWorks while writing a paper in Microsoft Word. It automatically formats internal references and bibliographies. Only author, title, and year are displayed, but a full-view option is also available.

Downloading Write-N-Cite does the following:

  • installs an Add-in to your Word toolbar
  • installs a menu option in Microsoft Word under Tools for launching Write-N-Cite

Download and install Write-N-Cite

Write-N-Cite is available for:

  • Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 on PCs
  • Word 2008 and 2011 for Macs.
  • Write-N-Cite for Word 2016 in Macs is still in development. If you are using Word 2016 on a Mac, you will need to use RefWorks Citation Manager instead of Write-N-Cite. This will be an option when you view the Write-N-Cite download versions within RefWorks.

To install Write-N-Cite, log in to RefWorks and choose "Tools" at the top.

Scroll down to where it says "Cite in Microsoft Word" and follow the instructions for choosing the version you need to download.

If you are using a campus computer, you will probably need to contact ITS to complete the download process. Go to the ITS website and click "Chat Now." They should be able to complete the installation process with you over chat.

Once you have installed Write-N-Cite, open Word. You will see a RefWorks tab in the top toolbar.

RefWorks tab in Microsoft Word

You will be prompted to log in to your RefWorks account. You can log in to EITHER your legacy OR your new RefWorks account, but once you have logged in to a RefWorks account, you have to keep using it until you are finished with that document. You cannot pull references from multiple RefWorks accounts into the same document, even if both accounts are yours (one on the legacy and one on the new system).

When you want to insert a citation, make sure you have set a citation style for the document first. Then click on "Insert Citation" and do a keyword search to find the resource you want to cite. After you are finished writing, you can choose "Bibliography Options" to automatically format the bibliography.

First choose a citation style, then click "insert citation" to find the resource you want to cite. When you are done, click on "Bibliography Options" to insert a formatted bibliography (you will not have to re-select your sources).

You can find additional information about using Write-N-Cite on ProQuest's RefWorks LibGuide.