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Reduce > Reuse > Recycle: Teaching ACRL’s 5th Information Literacy Competency Standard: APA Citation Practice Activity

This site contains supporting materials for a 2009 LOEX presentation by Bowling Green State Librarians C. Cardwell, A. Fyn, and C. Singer.

APA Citation Activity (5th ed.)

Errors in citation may be interpreted as plagiarism. Review APA rules using the resources supplied in the Lecture Materials tab, then complete this short review exercise.

The fifth edition of the APA manual is used within these materials.

APA (6th ed.) Activity

In the updated version of LIB 2250, I opted to use this excellent APA tutorial from University Libraries, The University of Southern Mississippi.

Students can have their post-test scores emailed directly to anyone; I am using their scores to help me target which APA citations I cover more thoroughly with them.