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Comparative Education: Peer-Reviewed Journals

Magazines & Trade Journals

While some of these publications are newsletters or magazines, other publications in this box are academic journals that have not undergone the peer review process. In general, these publications are aimed at practitioners and are not research oriented. If you are using them off-campus, you may need to authenticate with your name, P number, and your library password/PIN.

Peer Review

Want to know more about the differences between magazines and peer-reviewed journals? Consult this web page created by the BGSU Libraries:

Search Tip!

Browse individual titles to explore current topics in higher education.

Search for topics in an individual title by clicking on the name of the journal and looking for the appropriate search box for the topic. Use this approach only when you're searching for a topic in a specific journal. Do not use this approach if you're searching in general for a particular topic.

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