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Film Resources in the BPCL: Movie Scripts, Press Kits, & Posters

Come on up and see what we've got for film research!

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Why are these important?

Scripts, press kits, and posters are considered primary sources for film research.  What this means is that these are the some of the actual documents and artifacts that scholars study when writing articles or books about films.

To get a better sense of what is a primary source and what is a secondary source, take a look at the research guide Primary and Secondary Sources.

The Center for Archival Collections has nice guide on how to cite these valuable resources.

What are Scripts, Presskits, & Posters?


A good portion of our movie scripts are cataloged in the BGSU Libraries Catalog. You can search by movie title or browse by local call number "moviescriptsbox" to find what is cataloged. We have a listing of our uncataloged items, if you need to see one of those; just stop by the BPCL Service/Reference Desk to ask about these.

Press Kits

Presskits are sets of materials that movie studios and production companies send out to theater owners, video store owners, and members of the press to advertise a movie.  The BPCL has hundreds of these, many of them uncataloged, however.  The cataloged presskits can be searched by title in the library catalog or browsed by local number "presskitsbox".  We have a listing of the uncataloged presskits; just stop by the BPCL Service/Reference Desk to ask about these.

For more information on what kinds of information you can find in a presskit, see our blog entry "Movie Press Kits: A Goldmine of information".


The Movie Poster Collection consists of more than 7,000 posters for popular films. Read more information about the BPCL Movie Poster Collection.