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WRIT 1110: Seminar in Academic Writing: Reviews

The resources listed on this page will help you to become familiar with your University Libraries at BGSU. If you have questions about the Library, feel free to speak with a librarian in person at the Research and Information Desk.

Ask yourself the following

  • Can you locate any reviews of the author's work?

Search Tips

Evaluative reviews can assist you in critiquing library materials. Evaluative reviews of books and articles are almost always written by other experts in a field or discipline. Also, evaluative reviews often mention other comparable works and assess an article's or book's scholarly contributions to the discipline.

To locate evaluative reviews, consider using this resource

Give it a Try

Try to identify some reviews of this book:

Nathan, Rebekah. My Freshman Year: What a Professor Learned by Becoming a Student. Ithaca: Cornell UP, 2005. Print.

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