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WRIT 1110: Seminar in Academic Writing: Author's Credentials

The resources listed on this page will help you to become familiar with your University Libraries at BGSU. If you have questions about the Library, feel free to speak with a librarian in person at the Research and Information Desk.

Ask yourself the following

  • Where does the author work?
  • What is the author's educational background?
  • Is the author qualified to write authoritatively on a certain topic?

Give it a Try

1. Identify the author of this source and find out some information about her:

Walker, Alice. Anything We Love Can Be Saved: A Writer's Activism. New York: Ballantine, 1998. Print.

2. Identify the authors of this source and find out some information about them:

Halpern, Diane, and Milton Hakel. "Applying the Science of Learning to the University and Beyond." Change 35.4 (2003, July): 36. Academic Search Complete. Web. 3 Sept. 2008.

To check your answers, click the "more" links below.