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WRIT 1110: Seminar in Academic Writing: Evaluating Sources

The resources listed on this page will help you to become familiar with your University Libraries at BGSU. If you have questions about the Library, feel free to speak with a librarian in person at the Research and Information Desk.


Evaluating sources of information is a complex process. Whether you are looking at a print source in your hands or a resource online, there are several evaluative criteria you need to keep in mind. Why bother doing this at all? Levels of review vary for information that gets published. In many web environments, authors can publish materials on their own without any sort of review at all. Examples of this include blogs, wikis, and Web pages. Even if an information source goes through layers of review, it is still up to you to determine if the source is appropriate for what you are writing about.

Click on the links below to read more about each of these evaluation criteria.