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Find Music in the Online Catalog: Scores with Musical Forms as Titles

Guide to finding scores and recordings in BGSU's online catalog

Searching Musical Form as Title

Underlined words are those that are to be typed into the computer

Sample search: Brahms Piano Concerto, no. 2 in Bb major, op. 83

Option 1: AUTHOR search

  • Go to the BGSU Libraries catalog.
  • Click on Author search (a composer search is the same as searching for an author). Type brahms johannes (no punctuation or capitalization is necessary). Click on the Submit button. Click on the entry with the largest number of retrievals.
  • The retrieval set is very large for this composer. To avoid browsing numerous screens of recordings and scores, the Limit feature allows you to narrow your search.

    Click on Limit/Sort Search from the buttons at the top of the screen.

    Under Material Type, select "Music Score."

    At this point, you may either click on the Limit/Sort button to find all scores by Brahms, or you may choose to limit further, which is generally a good choice in the case of prolific composers. To find piano concertos by Brahms, pull down the Words In menu at the bottom of the screen and choose subject. Click in the box to the right and type concertos piano.
  • Note: when searching for a musical form such as a sonata, symphony, etc., use the plural form of the word; the specific instrument is useful, but not essential.
  • Another option is to limit by words in the title. Click on the Limit/Sort Search button, then pull down the Words In menu at the bottom of the screen and choose Title. In the box on the right, type concerto* or concertos or concertos piano to narrow your search specifically to piano concertos.
  • Click on the Submit button and you will retrieve scores of concertos (or piano concertos) by Brahms. You now have a much more manageable list to browse for a score of Concerto No. 2, op.83, in Bb major.


Option 2: WORD Search

  • Go to the BGSU Libraries catalog.
  • In the first box on the screen, choose author from the drop-down menu and type brahms; then, in each of the next two boxes, choose subject from the drop-down menu and type concertos in one and piano in the next.
  • From the Material Type list, choose Music Score.
  • Click the Submit button.

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