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Academic Integrity at BGSU: For Instructors

The purpose of this site it to educate students about ethical and fair use of their own and others' intellectual property.

Suggested Uses for this Site

This guide is intended for use by instructors and students in sections of BGSU 1000 and BA 1500. Each of the tabs representing a different type of academic violation is generally structured the following way:

  • Ripped from the Headlines (These are articles with life examples of academic dishonesty in action.)
  • Tutorials (These are standard throughout the guide.)
  • Case Studies (These are brief scenarios to get discussion started. Feel free to craft your own.)

Suggested ways to use this site:

At the end of class period #1

  • Introduce the Academic Honesty Policy
  • divide students into groups of 3-5
  • assign each group to a different type of academic violation (arranged by tab in the guide)
  • each group will need to read the entire contents of their assigned tabbed portion of the guide as out of class work and in preparation for class period #2

Class period #2

  • allow time for small group discussion about their assigned violation
  • allow time for them to prepare for their 10 minute small group presentation to the class in class period #3

Class period #3

  • Each group gets 10 minutes to present to the class. Group presentations should include the definition of the violation, a brief summary of each of the articles & their recommendations to resolve the case study.

A Note to GSW Instructors:

Feel free to use this resource as well. The Rutgers tutorial is linked in the Tutorial boxes for each of the violations. Ideally, GSW instructors will put more emphasis on the intellectual property related to the writing process and the BGSU 1000 instructors will put more emphasis on the violations beyond the writing process.