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HIST 6800: Problems in 19th Century US History.


This guide is designed to be your starting point for research in HIST 5820: Problems in 19th Century US History. You will find not only information about accessing primary and secondary sources, but also tips to make the source discovery and citation process simpler.

If you run into trouble at any step, please reach out to a librarian or schedule an Individual Research Appointment

    The Bosses of the Senate, Joseph Keppler, 1889 at The Granger Collection, New York 

Required Books

All the books for this class are available from either Jerome Library or OhioLink and SearchOhio. For more about borrowing from OhioLink and SearchOhio see the "Getting Started" box to the left.

There are also several copies of American Visions in OhioLink and SearchOhio.

Currently Continental Reckoning is only available via OhioLink and SearchOhio, but is on order at Jerome. This entry will be updated when the eBook is available via BGSU.

There are also several copies of Ecstatic Nation in OhioLink and SearchOhio.

If you prefer a print version of The Republic For Which It Stands, you can order it via OhioLink and SearchOhio.