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English Language Arts Education (PreK-12): Booktalking

What is booktalking?

Movies have trailers that entice. Music artists drop singles before their albums. What do books have?

Books need your help! Promoting literature to students is super important, and booktalking helps achieve that. A booktalk is a brief, spoken "trailer" of a book. It's designed to tantalize a potential reader, making them want to read. 

The Do's of Booktalking


  • Read the book (or at least have an extremely comprehensive understanding of the plot)
  • Show enthusiasm
  • Provide tantalizing elements of the plot
  • Keep it under 2 minutes
  • Think about audience, age, and ability

The Don'ts of Booktalking


  • Share your opinion
  • Be overly effusive
  • Give away the ending
  • Denigrate other books

Creating Digital Booktalks

Examples of Digital Booktalks (aka Book Trailers)