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English Language Arts Education (PreK-12): EDTL 2710


This tab of the English Language Arts (PreK-12) LibGuide is reserved for Dr. Murnen's EDTL 2710: Introduction to Teaching Integrated Language Arts


Definitions of genres and search strategies for finding them in the Curriculum Resource Center



Subject or genre search (not keyword)

Realistic fiction/Coming-of-age

  • Set in contemporary times
  • Reflects issues and problems faced by humans
  • Recognizable setting


Historical fiction

  • Set during an historical time period or era
  • Historical time period is inextricable from plot

Historical fiction

Science fiction

  • Takes place in future
  • Often deals with outer space and/or advanced technologies
  • May be speculative or dystopic (takes place in an unsavory future)

Science fiction


  • Deals with the realm of the impossible
  • Often features magic, imaginary lands, and mythological creatures



  • Protagonist must solve a crime or puzzle

Detective and mystery stories


  • Plot-driven novel, marked by suspense, intrigue, and/or excitement

Adventure stories or adventure fiction


  • Marked by terror created by a paranormal or supernatural force
  • Like fantasy, horror deals with the realm of the impossible

Horror tales or horror fiction or ghost stories or paranormal fiction


  • Romantic love, explored through two (or more) characters
  • Can involve sexual awakening or awareness

Romance fiction


  • Personal growth through team or individual sports
  • Conflict often involves elements of the sport

Sports stories or sports fiction


  • The true story of a real person
  • Two subgenres: memoir and autobiography
    • Memoirs are written by the person they are about, and cover a moment of the life
    • Autobiographies are written by the person they are about, and cover the entire life up to the moment of writing

Biographies (genre search only)


  • Informational in nature, with verifiable, sourced facts.
  • Creative (or narrative) nonfiction employs the elements of plot to tell the story

Nonfiction (genre search only)