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Academic Integrity at BGSU: Home

The purpose of this site it to educate students about ethical and fair use of their own and others' intellectual property.


Okay, so maybe this image to the left is a little dramatic, but we want to be clear that Bowling Green State University is an institution that values academic honesty.

Cheater expelled from BGSU campus

This resource guide will be used in University Seminar. To navigate the site, use the tabs at the top. We've searched the news to identify articles that are real life examples of the various types of dishonest acts. You'll see these in the sections titled "Ripped from the Headlines." Some of these examples take place in the academic setting, but some are examples of dishonest acts in other settings. All are true.

For Instructors

For suggestions on how to use this with students, read the information in the tab labeled "For Instructors."