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DHS 3000 Dr. Kopf: In-class activities

In-class activity: Identify the type of article

Step 1. Click on the article title.

Step 2. Read the abstract (overview) provided for the article. (If the abstract is not present, click on "find it" or "PDF full text" to look at the full text).

Step 3. Look specifically for the purpose of the article and/or the research method used by the authors.

In-class activity: How is this APA citation different than the examples provided?

Step 1. Click on the article title.

Step 2. Click on "Cite" in the right-hand column

Step 3. Scroll down until you see APA 7th ed. style to view a rough draft of the citation

Step 4. Compare the example citations on your handout (and/or the first link below) with the rough draft citation provided by the database. Pay attention to details such as: punctuation, format (such as italics), and capitalization.

What Did You Learn?