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Punk: Punk in General

A guide to materials related to punk music and related genres

What is Punk?

"Punk is not really a style of music. It was more like a state of mind." -Mike Watt

photo credit:  "Punk Rock Button Collection" by Ken Shafer

"We make noise 'cos it's our choice, it's what we want to do." -The Sex Pistols Seventeen

Punk rock was a reaction against the utopian spirit which dominated much of popular culture during the 1960s and had managed to spill over, almost inexplicably, into the early 1970s. Progressive rock, Disco and country inspired rock music were also part of what punk rock sought to repudiate.

These books constitute general works in the punk canon. Also included are books on punk lifestyle and punk fiction. Please see the other pages for more specific entries.

Punk: General Titles


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This research guide was created by William Emerson, American Culture Studies Ph.D. graduate and former Music Library graduate assistant.