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This guide is a grade leveled list of the titles that the CRC carries that are recommended and used in the Everyday Math Curriculum for Grades K-6. Fiction and non-fiction math books are also listed here as well as newly acquired math literature books.


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Math Literature Connections

Click the Grade Levels for Great Story Suggestions for the Math Classroom

Literature connections to mathematics are surprisingly rich.  The Curriculum Resource Center offers a wide selection of children's trade books that tie in to the Ohio Academic Content Standards in mathematics.  Our collection includes both fiction and nonfiction titles and cover grades Preschool though Grade 12. 

The popular Everyday Math curriculum uses literature at each grade level.  The following pages in this guide not only identify those titles, but provides a link that displays the call number and current availability.

Browse math titles in the 510s of our nonfiction collection, or use math as a keyword and search our catalog.