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Kindergarten through Grade 3: Home

In this guide you will find helpful information that is helpful for pre-service and in-service teachers.

Call Numbers for Finding Materials

These call numbers can help you find items in both the Curriculum and Teacing Aid sections.

  • CURR 025.6- Classroom Technology
  • CURR 372.2- Early Childhood/Kindergarten
  • CURR 372.35- Science
  • CURR 372.37- Health
  • CURR 372.4- Reading
  • CURR 372.5- Art
  • CURR 372.6- Language Arts
  • CURR 372.7- Mathematics
  • CURR 372.8- Social Studies
  • CURR 372.86- Physical Education
  • CURR 372.87- Music


Sometimes when you need to learn a concept, put it into practice, or just review it a game can make learning more interesting and help with ands on learners. The CRC can help with this! We have many different types for games you can check out for your students, ranging in all subjects. 

Other Great Resources

The CRC has many great resources for you to come check out.

  • Browse our juvenile literature section for books to help complete your lesson, pleasure reading, or just a fun read aloud.
  • Use the Ready Reference section for Activity/Idea books to elp you plan lessons or think of creative ideas, coveniently located next to the copier for your copying and scanning needs.
  • Browse the Curriculum section for more idea books or even textbooks. Often you will find the student and teacher edition of textbooks that your placement might be using.
  • Need a quick clip for an engagment? The CRC has some DVDs that you can use, like School House Rock.
  • Need a picture to show your students? Maybe you need a picture for a writing prompt? We have a Picture File with 8,000+ pictures for you to choose from that are sorted by subject. 

Searching for Kindergarten through Grade 3 Resources

When using the keyword search feature in the University Libraries catalog limit by location -Curriculum Resource Center- to narrow your results to kindergarten through grade 3 materials. Additional limit features (i.e. availability, format, copyright date) can be applied at the same time as well.



One of the first things we learn as we start to become teachers is that our students learn and enjoy learning through play. Manipulatives are great tools to use to make learning fun and sometime easier. The CRC has many types of manipulatives that range from the variety of subjects for teachers to use with students. Come browse our shelves or look up specfic manipulatives in the library catalog.

Big Books


Get your big books here! We have tons of Big Books for your use. You will find two ranks full of big books sorted alphabetically by title. Know exactly what book you are looking for? The link below will take you to anoter LibGuide with all the Big Books the CRC has!