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Hands-on History: Primary Sources in University Libraries' Special Collections: Home

When and Where is this Awesome Workshop??

Hands On History workshop is from Oct. 29 at 10:30 - 11:30 am in the
Pallister Conference Room in Jerome Library.

Hands-on History!

This Libguide is designed to accompany the workshop Hands On History, an opportunity to assist you in understanding and using primary source materials in your research and/or your classroom.  Take a look around and come to the workshop!

Ask Us About Primary Sources!

Give one of us a call if there any questions you have about primary sources.

Nancy Down, Head Librarian
Browne Popular Culture Library
4th floor, Jerome Library

Curriculum Resource Center
2nd floor, Jerome Library

Libby Hertenstein, Catalog & Metadata Librarian
Center for Archival Collections, Collections & Technical Services
5th floor & 2nd floor Jerome Library

Stefanie Hunker, Digital Resources Librarian
Browne Popular Culture Library
4th floor Jerome Library

Lindy Smith, Reference Archivist
Music Library & Sound Recordings Archives
3rd floor Jerome Library