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Flute Music Resources: Browsing for Flute Music

Tools for finding information about the flute, flute music, and more

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Flute Call Numbers

photo credit: "My Flute" by Ken Funakoshi, Creative Commons License


M60-M64 Flute Alone
M240-M244 Flute with piano accompaniment
M957, M1470 Flute ensembles
M288-M289 Duets for two wind instruments (of all kinds)
M290-M291 Duets-one stringed and one wind instrument
M296-M297 Duets-one wind and one plucked instrument
M300s-M900s Chamber music
M1020 Flute with orchestra, full scores
M1021 Flute with orchestra, piano reductions
M1120 Flute with string orchestra, full scores
M1121 Flute with string orchestra, piano reductions



ML128.F7 Bibliographies of flute music
ML935-ML937 History and construction; music and playing


Methods, Etudes, and Excerpts

MT342-345 Studies and exercises
MT346 Orchestral Excerpts

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This guide created by Jamie Sampson, Music Library Graduate Assistant