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CAC Resources

Civil War Manuscripts
Lists all CAC-held manuscript collections, group by those collections which relate to the 21st Ohio Volunteer Infantry and then those dealing with all other units. Many of these collections have transcriptions of diaries and letters available online. Click on the links in the bibliography to read more detailed background information about the collection and check the links (especially at the bottom of the aid) to find transcripts which have been made.

Northwest Ohio in the Civil War
Provides an index to northwest Ohio newspapers which published letters from soldiers. Information includes newspaper, date, author, unit of service. Biographical information including service record and sometimes postwar activity or photograph is also available for each author. A brief synopsis of each referenced unit gives major action seen by the unit, a list of members who wrote letters, and an index of anonymous letters or articles about the unit.

Northwest Ohio Resources
Organized by the name of the 19 counties in northwest Ohio. Not every county has all these records.

Newspaper Holdings
Organized by the name of the city of publication. All newspapers in this list are available at the Center for Archival Collections

Search our Site
This sitewide search of the Center for Archival Collections allows searches across the entire CAC site, as well as searches restricted to manuscript collections

External Resources

Ohio in the Civil War Libguide by Carol Singer.
Includes information on primary and secondary sources, including internet sites

Ohio Memory
Sponsored by the Ohio Historical Society, this site features material from all over the state throughout its history, including scans and transcriptions of original documents and images of period photographs and artifacts.