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BGSU 1910 Introduction to Research: Peer Review

Scholarly Journals vs. Popular Magazines

Is it Peer-Reviewed?

The following two videos will help you identify publications that contain peer-reviewed articles.

More about Peer Review

Find out about a journal

Need to find out about a specific journal?

Finding information about a journal can be done by searching by title in the database Ulrich’s or Cabell's, which discuss the details of a journal, it's purpose and scope, the review process, manuscript acceptance rate, etc.

Or try finding the journal home page (try a Google search) and looking for the About section.

Popular vs. Scholarly

Created by Suffolk County Community College, .

Parts of a scholarly journal article

This video is from Bowman Library at Menlo College.

Types of Scholarly Articles

This video is from VCU Libraries (Virginia Commonwealth University).

How to Read a Scholarly Article

This video is from Western Libraries at Western University, .

Peer Review in 3 Minutes

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