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Library on Location-CMA Fall 2017: Home

Selections from the Fall 2017 Library on Location weekly events in the College of Musical Arts

Library on Location

Get on-site research help, return library stuff, and more! Library on Location: Wednesdays in the CMA Green Room, 11:30-1:30

The Details

The Details:

In the Fall and Spring semesters, staff from the Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives are visiting the Green Room in the College of Musical Arts each week during the Praecepta Coffee Hour to offer a variety of services. Stop in or make an appointment ( to get extra research help and guidance. Return your library materials you've finished using without making the trek to Jerome Library. And enjoy browsing our featured collection each week.

Click on the tabs above to explore materials from collections that we have already featured. If you have suggestions or requests for a future featured collection, let us know.

Please come visit us, each week that the Coffee House is going on.