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ETHN 1200: Introduction to African American Studies, Fall 2017 (Edge): CRC

Curriculum Resource Center Homepage

Use the following search terms in ADVANCED SEARCH to search for Curriculum Resource Center materials in the online catalog:

African americans AND civil rights         

Black AND civil rights

Civil rights AND United States

Desegregation AND United States

Race AND United States

Racism AND black children

Segregation AND black children

Slavery AND United States

Subject Search Terms

Use these search terms in the online catalog to narrow your search:

Subjects to search
race relations--Fiction
racially mixed people
civil rights
civil rights movement
civil rights in education
Harlem renaissance
freedom riders/freedom fighters/freedom summer
African-American history
civil rights workers
civil disobedience
school integration

Reading CRC Call Numbers

Once you identify an item of interest in the CRC's catalog, you will need to find it within the library.

Each item has a Call Number. The call number tells you, the library user, precisely where in the library the item is located. As you search for books and other materials in the CRC, pay close attention to the call number associated with your item. 

All CRC books are preceded with JUV (for Juvenile), but it's what's after the JUV that's important. 

fiction book is JUV immediately followed by a letter (A-Z). This letter tells you the first letter of the author's last name. A book with the call number JUV R4624ba will be in the fiction section, particularly with all the R books because it's written by Aaron Reynolds. 

A biography is JUV immediately followed by the number 92 or 920.

  • 92's are biographies about a single person (e.g., Frederick Douglass). The 92 will be followed by the last name of the person who the biography is about. JUV 92 Simone is a biography about Nina Simone. 
  • 920's are collective biographies about two or more people (e.g., Frederick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln). The 920 will be followed by the last name of the author who wrote the biography. JUV 920 Pinkney is a collective biography by Andrea Davis Pinkney. 

nonfiction book is JUV immediately followed by a Dewey number. The Dewey number is followed by a letter, which, like fiction, tells you the first letter of the author's last name. JUV 796.357 N427n is a nonfiction book (796.357) by Kadir Nelson (N427).

If you happen to find an item that begins with TA instead of JUV, the material is in our Teaching Aids section. Feel free to ask a librarian for help!

tl;dnr: nope. you need to read this. :)

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