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Hillbilly Elegy: Interviews with the Author

The resource guide for the 2017-18 Common Experience book selection, J.D. Vance's "Hillbilly Elegy"

Interviews with the Author

Welcome to the Interviews section of the LibGuide. J.D Vance has a lot ot say about Hillbilly Elegy and has granted many interviews to discuss his inspirations, thought process, and takeaways from the book. By reading, listening to, or watching these interviews, you might be able to get to know both Vance and the book a little better from the many contexts in which the interviews exist.

You may choose from any number of mediums including audio, print, and video. As you explore the content, you might think about how the interviews relate to the book and the perspectives both Vance and the interviewers take in their line of questioning and response. You might also think about how these interviews may speak to the common theme, your experiences, or the projects in which you are currently involved.

Audio Interviews

Each of these links connect to their home site where a play button will be located, often with accompanying text. Once at the site, locate the audio clip and press play to listen to the podcast.

'Hillbilly Elegy' Recalls A Childhood Where Poverty Was 'The Family Tradition'
NPR: Fresh Air
Terry Gross

'Hillbilly Elegy' Author J.D. Vance Plans Ohio Return To Hear State's Challenges
NPR: Weekend Edition Sunday
Ailsa Chang

J.D. Vance: The reluctant interpreter of Trumpism
The Ezra Klein Show
Ezra Klein

Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance Joins Seth
The Seth Davis Podcast
Seth Davis

Banter #237: J.D. Vance on Hillbilly Elegy
Banter podcast
Spencer Moore


Video Interviews




Print Interviews

The following articles contain interviews and snippets from J.D Vance. To access these, click on the orange link.

Trump: Tribune of Poor White People
The American Conservative
Rod Dreher

Interview with J.D. Vance, author of Hillbilly Elegy
Pranam Dey

The Rumpus Interview with J.D. Vance
The Rumpus
Tucker Coombe

Compassion, and Criticism, for the White Working Class: A Conversation with
Hillbilly Elegy author J.D. Vance

Isaac Chotiner

Why I’m Moving Home
New York Times
J.D Vance

Radio Show Interview