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ACS 6750/ENG 6750: Spring 2017 (Dr. Sheffer): Omeka

Collection or Exhibit?

What's the difference?


  • where items are described in purely (mostly) objective terms


  • groups of items from collections that are described with some context given to them

More Omeka Info

For more detailed information about using Omeka, see the link below for their documentation.

Things to Remember


  • default working screen

To edit an item

  • Click on Item on the left, then find the item to edit in the list or use the Search box above the list to find your items
  • Fill out the pertinent metadata fields (see the Metadata tab for the core element set)
    Note: not all of these fields needs to be populated
  • Once metadata is completed, click Save Item on the right - do not click beside Public or Featured on the top right
    • There will be a collection set up already for you, so choose that one for the Collection of which these items will be a part


  • Click on Exhibits to find this class' exhibit, then click on WHATEVERTHECLASSIS ####
  • To add a page to an exhibit, go below the exhibit's metadata and you'll see Add Page, then click on it
  • You'll see several layout options for the pages of the exhibit - many different ways to discuss the items entered into the exhibit

Contact Information

For questions about Omeka, contact:

John Kloor at, 419-372-8616


Stefanie Hunker at, 419-372-7893

Using Omeka

We've got a handout on how to create or edit Omeka's collections and exhibits.  Try it!