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ARTH 3650/4650/5650: Histories of Photography/Photographic Theory: Finding Exhibition Catalogs

Exhibition Catalogs

If you are creating an exhibition, you may want to look at published exhibition catalogs, especially on the artist(s) or topic you've chosen. It will help you by:

- giving you ideas of works to include (and their details: size, media, current location)
- helping you think of installation ideas (especially valuable for installation or performance artists or 3- and 4-D media)
- providing examples of catalog essays
- providing a bibliography
- providing an artist's bio or CV details (education, major exhibitions, representation in permanent museum collections)

BGSU Libraries Catalog
To find art exhibition catalogs in the Jerome Library, go to the BGSU Library Catalog advanced search page.

Type your artist's name or topic in the first box, then "exhibitions" in the box below that, and choose "subject" from the dropdown menu.

exhibitions subject search

There will usually be notes in the book's full description to tell you more about the exhibition:

Catalog description

If you don't find anything at BGSU, or what you want is checked out, use OhioLINK or WorldCat. Use the subject "exhibitions" in those catalogs also.

Search the 93 OhioLINK libraries and request a book to be delivered to BGSU in 3-5 business days. Free and fast!

Search books in thousands of libraries - almost all the libraries in North America, plus major libraries in Europe and Asia. Free, but slower than OhioLINK: books can take several weeks to arrive.

WorldCat search

Books on exhibition design