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Common Reading 2016-17: In the Spirit of Innovation: Resources and Media

The resources provided in this section offer a wide variety of concepts that appear within A More Beautiful Question and could be a useful way to spark discussion, launch a project, generate ideas, or jumpstart creativity before or during an activity. Many of the speakers and topics in the provided videos are featured in the book and provide a helpful way to expand on concepts within the text.

Novogratz, who appears many times in A More Beautiful Question (p. 98-99, 175-180, 182, 185, 193-194, 206, 215) gives the commencement speech noted in the book. The speech and her inclusion in the book prompt critical questions about personal and professional ethos as well as what it means to “live the questions.” 

Ryan delivers an engaging and humorous speech to Harvard graduates about the value of asking good questions. Within this short piece, Ryan uses personal stories and discusses types of questions that get asked and should be asked. He ends with the thoughtful “wait…what?” analogy.

September 2015 EL Interview: Dan Rothstein


Dan Rothstein of the Right Question Institue (RQI) offers his input on the power of questioning. Rothstein appears on pages 15, 16, 18, 60-66, and 153 of A More Beautiful Question, making this a nice tie-in piece for discussions or assignments about critical thinking and critical questioning.

Dan Meyer: Math Needs A Makeover


Berger refers to Meyers’ TEDx talk on p.55 of the book as an insightful way to get answers by stripping away information and prompting more questioning. After viewing Meyers video, students may be able to discuss information processing, formula seeking, and sub-steps in questioning.

A More Beautiful Question Interactive Website

A More Beautiful Question Website

A More Beautiful Question’s webpage is an excellent multimodal, multifunctional space for both instructors and students to explore. Not only does the site offer information about the author and the book, but it also delivers a number of articles, videos, interactive tools, and idea generators for topics of discussion and potential projects. The following sections refer to clickable sections of the A More Beautiful Question website where the user can explore a great deal of the site's resources.

Getting Acquainted

What’s in the Book?

The following information can be found in the What’s in the Book section.

  • A short synopsis of the book
  • Link to the table of contents
  • Link to excerpts
  • The index of questioners

This link is a useful way to get to know the book and also brainstorm questions and topics. The "About" section at the bottom of the page may be a good way to begin getting familiar with the site. These links can work as great leads to generate conversation or pose critical questions for essay topics.

Why Should You Care about Questioning?

Warren Berger introduces the value of questioning and then proposes that everyone starts out as good questioners but lose that inquisitive mindset over time in lieu of pursuing answers. However, Berger notes that good questioning can actually elevate success. He offers nearly 50 articles with clickable sections including Education, Business, and Daily Life. These articles serve as a way to frame questioning in many ways and offer a great number of possibilities for discussion, reviews, or essay prompts. 

What is a Beautiful Question?

Clicking into this section begins the conversation about what a beautiful question might look like. To help generate some ideas, Berger offers seventeen beautiful questions, each clickable with an independent article attached. These articles contain a number of facts, notable names, and even links to further expound on understanding of good questioning.


The A More Beautiful Question website houses many useful sources of print, audio, and visual material that can be mined for brainstorming, discussion starters, and interactive assignments.

Quotes about Questioning

This section contains many images with inspirational quotes about questioning. The page also has a link to creative tips and a comprehensive Pinterest wall of related infographics. 

What Can We Learn from Master Questioners?

Warren Berger presents an introduction to “Master Questioners” along with videos, a compiled list of questioners from the book, articles, profiles, and interviews of many of these wonderful questioners.   

What’s Your Inquiry Quotient (IQ)?

This short quiz is a fun way to self-assess alignment with the questioning philosophies Berger mentions in the book. It is also a good way to re-examine what one thinks about questioning.

Blogs and News

Blog Page

The blog page contains a number of articles with several clickable links, videos, inspiring books, and blogshares.  This page works as a space to generate creative ideas and begin formulating questions that will help lead to innovative topics of discussion and research. 

In the News

This section consists of the following compilation of “Best Books” and “Recommended” list featuring A More Beautiful Question.

-Reviews from the New York Times, Bloomberg Business Week Review, Publishers Weekly, Forbes, etc.

-Articles and Interviews from Convene, Spirit Magazine, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, Forbes, Education Week, Psychology Today, Wired, Inc., and many more.

-Archived Articles focusing on questioning and innovation from business leaders, scholars, and entertainers.

another box

A Historian’s View of Questioning: Some Keen Insights from Pulitzer Prize-Winner David Hackett Fischer

Warren Berger

The following includes a discussion about question framing from Fischer’s Historians’ Fallacies: Toward a Logic of Historical Thought.

This short piece may provide a checklist of sorts for analyzing the construction of  “operational questions.”

Start With Why-How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Simon Sinek

Sinek discusses the “why, how, what” questions that truly creative and innovative individuals pose when approaching problems. This video nicely complements Berger's  "The Power of Inquiry" in  A More Beautiful Question. How might we use Berger and Sinek’s philosophies in our current work? How can we use this way of thinking to reflect on our past work and prepare for our future work?

Q&A with Questioning Pros

Tony Wagner on Questioning as a Survival Skill

Warren Berger

This insightful conversation with Tony Wagner addresses problem formulation and questions, asking essential questions, questioning as a challenge to authority, and education’s preoccupation with answers, and why businesses don’t question enough.


A Historian’s View of Questioning: Some Keen Insights from Pulitzer Prize-Winner David Hackett Fischer

Warren Berger

The following includes a discussion about question framing from Fischer’s Historians’ Fallacies: Toward a Logic of Historical Thought.

This short piece may provide a checklist of sorts for analyzing the construction of  “operational questions.”


2016 Creativity Summit at Columbus Museum of Art

Warren Berger

Columbus Museum

Berger shares the beauty of questioning and lays out many key points of A More Beautiful Question during this lecture. Some of the key points include the need for questions, how to formulate good questions, and how to ask genuine questions.

Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud


This is the TED talk referred to in the “Is 'Knowing’ Obsolete ?” section on p. 27 of A More Beautiful Question.  How can the video and the book be used to discuss a number of issues including innovation, creative learning, questions in research, and technology as forms of knowing and questioning?

Notable Names from the Book

Adam Bryant

E.E Cummings

David G. Bradley

A.J Jacobs

Pablo Picasso

Daniel H. Pink

Gretchen Rubin

Stefan Sagemeister

Seth Grahame-Smith

Chris Albrecht

Louis C.K

Alan Alda

George Carlin

Mick Ebeling

Bruce Feiler

Matt Groening

Neil Patrick Harris

Reed Hastings

George Lucas

Matt Damon

Sonja Sohn

Chris Albrecht

Ben Affleck

Tom Shadyac

Tod Machover

Tim Westergren


Dan Meyer

Conway Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee

Jon Bond

Robin Chase

Bryan Chesky

Regina Dugan

Peter Hlawitschka

Marc Benioff

Michael Bloomberg

Larry Page

Scott Page

Ginni Rometty

Frederick Rueckheim

Joseph Woodland

Bernard Sadow

Robert Plath

Mark Zuckerberg

Jeffrey Dunn  

Drew Houston

Peter Thiel

Andrew Rossi

Jack Dorsey

Steve Bercu

Sergey Brin

John Seely Brown

David Kelly

Tom Kelly

Jim McKelvey

Mary Anderson

Conway Berners-Lee

Tim Berners-Lee

Bob Kearns

Gary White

Ran Poliakine

Nikola Tesla

Frank Lloyd-Wright

Albert Einstein

Stuart Firestein

Isaac Newton

Benjamin Ames

Meredith Perry

Percy Spencer

David Hackett Fischer

David McCullough

Dan Airely

Susan Engel

Frances Peavey

Graham Wallace

Paul Harris

Alison Gopnik

Joshua Aronson

Jessica McCrory Calarco

Hilary Cottam

Joel Van Dyke

Marc Freedman

Ken Heilman

Henry Dunant

Dwayne Douglas

Jack Andraka

Shaffi Mather

Jonathan Rosen

Jack Nicklaus

Dan Rothstein

Luz Santana

Tony Wagner

Abby Brown

Nikhil Goyal

Dennie Palmer Wolf

Deborah Meier

Ling-Se Peet

 William Deresiewicz




Bolthouse Farms





Guitar Hero







Panera Bread


Proctor & Gamble





Toyota Industries

Trader Joe’s



Whole Foods


Wired Magazine


For a complete list of questioners in A More Beautiful Questions, see p. 257-260.

Also, an Index of Questioners can be found at


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