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Common Reading 2016-17: In the Spirit of Innovation: Questions for Discussion

Welcome to the Questions for Discussion Page. This is much more than just a simple Q&A space. Try exploring the videos and Berger's Spotify list. Also, orange text represents clickable links that will lead you to even more information and discovery. Feel free to immerse yourself and hopefully you'll find some of your own "beautiful questions" along the way!

George Carlin on Vuja De

YouTube video posted by Vujaade

IBM Watson: How it Works

YouTube video posted by IBM


Warren Berger argues for the value of “beautiful questions” in his book. What do you think the difference is between a “beautiful question” and any other question?

What scholars or professionals in your discipline raise beautiful questions and why?

What do you think about Joi Ito’s concept of neotenous thinking (p. 24)?

What do you think about Picasso’s “computers are useless--they only give you answers” statement (p. 26)? Explain.

What is Vuja De? Explain what it might mean for your discipline.

Do you think questioning is natural as Deborah Meier suggests, or do you feel it needs to be taught as Dan Rothstein suggests (p. 66)?

Do you feel questioning is an under-taught resource in schools today? Why or why not?

How would you relate questioning to innovation?

What existing skills do you have that you can adapt to your courses? What new skills do you need to develop?

What do you think makes for an original and worthwhile question?

Think about Berger’s comments on IBM’s Watson system (p. 26). Technology can give you answers, but how do you decide to frame the questions you input? How do you decide to evaluate the answers you get? 

How do you differentiate IBM's Watson system as innovative vs. human innovation? What are the similarities and differences between how Watson is programmed to think and how humans organically think?

What do you think about Berger’s “Is ‘knowing’ obsolete?” section (p. 27)? In what ways do you support or refute the evidence he offers?

What do you think of the Shoshin concept? Have you ever used it?

Berger poses the "What makes you think you know more than the experts?" question. Do you think it is only beneficial to question an existing way of doing something if you can offer an alternative solution, or do you think it is still valid to raise questions without any solution? Explain.

What are your personal definitions of creativity and innovation?

What's your Beautiful Question? Click HERE to visit the official A More Beautiful Question website to learn more and see what others have asked!

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Source: A More Beautiful Question website