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Common Reading 2016-17: In the Spirit of Innovation: Design Thinking


BGSU continues its tradition of a common reading and theme in 2016-2017 by introducing “In the sprit of innovation,” a campus wide call for students and instructors to raise insightful questions, envision unique possibilities, and explore new horizons. Along with this year’s common reading, A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas and a host of campus activities supporting innovation, the concept of design thinking serves as a excellent nexus point to this year’s theme.

Design thinking utilizes creativity, inquiry, collaboration, and innovation as a process oriented method to solve problems. The stages of design thinking include empathizing, defining the problem, generating ideas, prototyping, and testing. Design thinking encourages questioning conventions and even considers unconventional approaches as plausible strategies. Also, design thinking welcomes collaboration, experimentation, and cross-discipline perspectives to achieve success. Design thinking strategies have been implemented in a number of educational disciplines, businesses, and even government agencies.

A big part of innovation is exploration. Feel welcome to explore and interact with these materials as a way to develop ideas and creations for your work.

Embrace the spirit of innovation!     

Design Thinking in Blogs

Design Thinking

Thoughts by Tim Brown

Tim Brown’s blog focuses on the many elements of design thinking across a broad spectrum of applications. Brown is the CEO of IDEO, a design and innovation consulting firm. He also appears in Warren Berger’s A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas.

This short video is designed to introduce the value and theory behind design thinking. From this brief presentation, viewers can begin to get a working sense of how to approach design thinking and its possible uses.

source: dschool at Stanford Univeristy

In the Mindset of a Design Thinker

The Best Kept Secret: Design Thinking

Deana McDonagh


Deana McDonagh delivers an insightful journey into traits, processes, and possibilities for design thinkers. McDonagh brings inquiry, creativity, and innovation to the front of the conversation while using visuals and humor to deliver her message.

Design Thinking for Every Endeavour

Robyn Richardson draws on her career as a teacher, musician, and designer to discuss her experience with design thinking. She goes on to explain elements of design thinking and offers viewers practical tips to begin the process of design thinking.

dschool Our Point of View

Stanford University Institute of Design is a program that operates on the concept of design thinking. The Our Point of View page discusses some of the ideas behind design thinking as well as offering useful diagrams to visualize concepts.