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Common Reading 2016-17: In the Spirit of Innovation: Interviews / Reviews


This page contains a variety of audio, print, and video interviews with Warren Berger. There is also also a reviews section for A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas. These can be great resources for discussion, presentations, group projects, and many other activities. Feel free to further explore by clicking on the orange text located throughout the page.

Questions Are The New Answers

Questions Are the New Answers, with Warren Berger

Big Think

Berger offers that some of today’s greatest innovators are interested in great questions and then moves on to discuss questioning in education. This video can help facilitate discussion about questioning in the age of information. 


Asking A More Beautiful Question with Warren Berger

Srini Rao of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast

Rao asks Berger a series of questions about innovation and creativity, and also enters into conversation about why questioning matters and how to develop the habit of asking questions.


Season 2: Episode 7-A More Beautiful Question-Interview with Warren Berger [podcast]

Lynn Fuini-Hetten of TL Talk Radio: Leading Teaching and Learning

This podcast featuring Warren Berger tackles the concept of beautiful questions, a culture of inquiry, and Berger’s question-forming tips and tricks.


Warren Berger on the Art of Questioning

Michael Bungay Stanier of The Great Work Podcast

Stainer invites Berger to discuss the power of asking questions, what constitutes a beautiful question, which types of questions lead to progress and improvement, how innovation works most effectively within workplace cultures, and more.


Innovation & The Power of Inquiry, with Warren Berger

Will Sherlin of The Innovation Podcast

This 32-minute interview with Warren Berger explores questions that drive innovation and the five most important questions any business leader should know. Berger provides a number of examples from his book to highlight the potential good that questioning can have.


“A More Beautiful Question”-How ambitious questions lead to innovation

Larry Mantle of 89.3 KPCC Air Talk

Air Talk chats with Warren Berger about processing questions, encouraging inquiry, and crafting and processing questions.


Warren Berger: How Asking Questions Can Make You A Better Entrepreneur

By Dan Schawbel of Forbes

Schawbel sits down with Warren Berger to discuss the process of questioning, the reluctance to question, and the benefits of thoughtful questioning.


A More Beautiful Question: An Interview With Warren Berger

By Larry Ferlazzo of Education Week Teacher

Ferlazzo chats with Warren Berger about his inspirations for the book and he also asks Berger to pass along advice to students and teachers about the power of “beautiful” questioning. 


Warren Berger Tells How to Ask a Beautiful Question

By Scott Goodson of The Daily Beast

Goodson takes a few moments to ask Berger about his inspirations, definitions, uses, and examples of “beautiful” questioning. 


Promoting Questioning Skills In The Workplace: Q & A With Warren Berger

By Robert McGuire of Skilled Up

McGuire approaches Berger to discuss questioning in industry at large and in one’s own work place. He caps off the interview with a brief discussion about the impact of various forms of education.


The Power of Asking the Right Questions

Matthew E. May of American Express Open Forum

May begins his interview geared toward business, but the conversation about asking the right questions is widely applicable to a number of situations. May also draws upon questions regarding stages of inquiry and the “shoshin” principle.


Warren Berger Online Interview

Inquiry in Education-A More Beautiful Question

Perkins Educational Consulting

A video interview with Warren Berger about how questioning works towards innovation in business, education, and in one’s personal life.