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MKT 4420: Sales Management: Assignment

This guide was created to direct students to appropriate library resources..


Company Presentation Project:  The basic idea of this assignment is for you to find and report on interesting/innovative/fun stuff that’s happening in sales organizations today and that relates to one of the day’s topics.  Individually or in groups of two (student’s choice), students will be assigned to one in-class presentation that relates concepts of the day’s chapter to a company and/or industry that they have researched.  The company presentations will take place throughout the semester (students will sign up for their date).  The research should involve “research” that involves at least five sources, at least two of the sources should be from a library database, and at least one of the sources should be an interview with a salesperson, sales manager or sales executive that works with an outside sales force.  An outside sales force is one that regularly calls on customers – either in-person or over the phone, but the key thing is that the salespeople reach out to customers at the customer’s place of work.  So in other words, a retail setting is not appropriate (because in retail, the customer comes to where the salesperson works).  Most presentations likely will be about B2B sales forces, but there are many examples of B2C outside sales forces.  A few key elements of this assignment are:

  1. The overview:  Students should turn-in an overview summarizing what they did and what they discovered.  Length of this overview should be at least 500 words, but no more than 1000 words.   The overview should briefly reference/explain each library resource and each interview.

  2. The five sources:

    • The interview(s):  At least one source must be an interview.  Students should write up each interview on a separate piece of paper.  This should include the full name and contact information of the person that is interviewed, and an outline or summary of what was discussed.

    • Sources from library research database:  Students print-out the relevant pages of the article that they have found through one of the many library research databases.  If the article is short, print out the entire article (but do not print out more than ~4-5 pages of each source).  On the first page of the printout, you should hand write the name of the library database used to find the source (e.g., Business Source Complete, etc.).  More info on this will be available on Canvas.

    • Other sources might be websites, blogs, etc.  For these, print out the main page or two. 

  3. Oral presentation:  Students should make an oral presentation accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation, which should be submitted to Canvas at least 30 minutes before class starts.

    • Use interesting visuals (be creative!) and at least a 20-point font for PowerPoint.

    • Students should make an effort to interact with the other students in the audience, and strive to make the presentation interesting/compelling.

    • Especially impressive would be a short (no more than 2 minute) YouTube excerpt of the interview, etc, but this is not required.  Any video shown should be one that was created by the students.

    • Individual presentations should be about 4-5 minutes.  Groups of two presentations should be about 6-9 minutes – and should involve both students talking.

For this project, students may choose to focus on any of the topics associated with the chapter that is being covered that day.  Some students might focus in-depth on a single chapter topic; others might “briefly touch on” several chapter topics.  Either approach is fine.

The overview and “print-outs” of the sources should be stapled together and submitted in-class on the day of the presentation; and again, the PowerPoint should be submitted to Canvas at least 30 minutes before class starts.