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GSW 1120: Gattozzi: Online Library Research

Course guide for Professor Gattozzi's GSW 1120 courses


Beyond using your PLN to generate ideas and gain knowledge, it’s also important to use scholarly online resources that are professionally edited or peer reviewed. 

A portion of your general student fee goes toward purchasing licenses for BGSU students to access hundreds of newspapers, magazines, and journals. It also affords you the ability to borrow nearly any book at any library in the state.

Watch the video below for info on what defines a peer reviewed source.

Then view the information boxes below and left for directions on how to search, on campus or off, a catch-all library periodicals database (EBSCO), limit your search by date, source type, and subject, and how to archive your results + copy an MLA Works Cited entry.

Also view the information boxes below and right for directions on how to search the BGSU library catalog for books, how to find them, and how to copy an MLA Works Cited entry. 

Why Read Scholarly Articles?

Scholarly articles can seem like a drag. They're frequently long. They're full of technical language and stats. There's lots of convoluted sentences that seem to make no sense. Using a scholarly database for the first time can be confusing.

Yet they're still valuable to include in your basket of sources. Looking for scholarly articles using a library database, like EBSCO, helps you find keywords for future searches. Scholarly articles are frequently peer-reviewed and are comprehensive. View the video below for info on the benefits of discovering, reading, and integrating scholarly articles into your writing.

Why Read Books?

Students sometimes bristle at searching for and reading books. They're long. Your purpose at the university is to think critically, to unlatch knowledge and filter it through your experience. Books give you a long-form place to commune with expert ideas and to do it in quiet. Check out the video below for more info about how books can assist you in shipping an awesome research project.

Book Search Limiters, Permalink + Works Cited

In many ways a book catalog search using the BGSU library website is similar to an article search using EBSCO.

A catalog search allows you to write a query on author name, book title, or subject / keyword. Before beginning a search your first choice is to decide which you'll use. Then choose what type of source you're looking for (book, ebook, DVD, CD, etc.).

Once you scroll through search results, click on each individual book you'd like to check out.

Write down the call number + click on Permalink. Copy and paste the link in your homework.

Then click on CITE THIS. Scroll down to the documentation style you'll use (likely MLA) and copy + paste it into your homework to archive the Works Cited entry. Double check the entry (sometimes the results are incorrect) by clicking on the MLA and Works Cited LibGuide tab.


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