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HIST 4800: Great Conspiracies in United States History: Internet

This guide is a compilation of library and Internet sources that may be useful for researching conspiracies in United States history.

Web Sites That Link to Many Sources


Evaluating Sources


·         Is the source of information provided?

·         Who is the intended audience?

·         Remember that almost anyone can publish on the web.



·         Can the author of the page be determined?

·         Can you find contact information?

·         Is the author affiliated with an organization, or speaking for him- or herself?

·         Are credentials or qualifications of the individual or organization presented?



·         Does the author have a bias or agenda? Is the bias stated, or hidden?

·         Does the author indicate his or her goal in providing the information?

·         Is there a disclaimer included in the page?



·         Similar/related to Accuracy.

·         What is the focus of the information?

·         What is the depth of coverage of the information?



·         Are dates included (“first posted” date, “last updated” date)?

·         Is the information current or out of date?

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Didn't Find What You Wanted?

If you didn't find the information or documents you wanted, try the Internet Sites With Primary Sources for U.S. History guide.