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NBC Learn Higher Ed: Offline Player

Information About the Offline Player

This information and other help is available on the NBC Learn website:

About the Offline Player

All NBC Learn videos can be downloaded to your computer for viewing offline, sharing with colleagues and friends, or embedding in documents, presentations, etc. The first time you attempt to download, you will be prompted to install the Offline Player on your computer. The Offline Player is a lightweight program that will enable you to view, organize and share your downloaded NBC Learn resources.

Features of the NBC Learn Offline Player:
The Offline Player looks and behaves just like a Cue Card, with video and image controls, full transcript, and helpful information on the back when you flip the Cue Card over. Roll your mouse over the upper left corner to find additional features as:

  • Library - access and manage all of your downloaded Cue Cards
  • Bookmark - embed a link to a Cue Card in a paper, presentation, lesson plan, etc.
  • Import - import a Cue Card into the Offline Player that you've saved elsewhere (in a folder or drive on your computer, USB or Flash drive, DVD, etc.)
  • Export - save a Cue Card to another folder or drive
  • Help - find answers to your questions about the Offline Player

To view a downloaded resource:

  1. Roll your mouse over the upper left corner of the Offline Player and click on the Library button. 
  2. Thumbnails and Titles of all of your downloaded resources are displayed in the Player screen. If you have many resources in your Library, a scrollbar will appear on the right.
  3. Click on the Thumbnail or Title to load the resource in the Player. Videos will begin playing immediately. 
  4. Additional video controls such as Pause, Play and Volume are located under the video. For document and image resources, controls include Zoom and Fit to Screen.

Just like a Cue Card, you can move the Offline Player around the screen:

  1. Place your cursor over the grab bar at the top of the Offline Player
  2. Left click and hold
  3. Drag the Offline Player where you'd like it to be placed
  4. Release

Can I resize the Offline Player?
There are two ways to enlarge the Offline Player

  1. To make Full-Screen, click on the Full-Screen icon on the right in the mouse-over video or image controls. To return to original size, click on the Esc button on your keyboard.
  2. You can also enlarge the Offline Player for custom fit by clicking and dragging the grabber in the bottom right of the Offline Player.

To Close the Offline Player:
Click on the circled X in the upper right corner of the Offline Player.

To Minimize the Offline Player:
Click on the circled Dash in the upper right corner of the Offline Player.

Are the videos cleared for use? Do I have to worry about the rights to these videos?
All of the NBC Learn videos have been cleared to use for any educational purpose.