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Business to Business Marketing: Describing Strategies for Competition

For class assignments requiring company, industry, and market share information.

Finding SWOTS

Business/investment advisory analysts' reports are a great place to find clues about a company's business strategy. Often these are related to a description of the company's strengths, and opportunities. This example is an excerpt from a 5/22/2014 SWOT found in the Nexis Uni database.


New Product Launch 
At Tree Top, innovation is considered as the top priority since it creates competitive advantage and builds brand equity. Innovation continues to be a cornerstone of the company’s corporate strategy with significant efforts focused against consumer demands for products that are convenient, and healthy." A company profiles from the Business Source Complete database include a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analysis also known as a SWOT analysis. For example, the analysis of competitive strengths for ADP says in part that it makes lower company profits and yields lower returns to its stockholders than Paychex. The report then explains the impact that fact is likely to have on ADP's long term success.

A keyword search in the Nexis Uni database yields SWOT analysis from different investment advisory services, each speaking from a different perspective and containing slightly different information from what is found in Business Source Complete. Sort results by relevance and select any reports that seem helpful. The ADP SWOT report by the GlobalData investment advisory service dated April 4, 2014 points out, for example, that in November of 2012, the company announced significant enhancements to its payroll platform. This report also lists other ADP product innovations by name. The ADP SWOT report by the ICD investment advisory service dated Feb, 7, 2014 makes a similar observation about the payroll platform but does not name other specific product innovations.

News Sources

Company Websites

Companies may hint at new competitive initiatives on their websites, although they are not likely to give much away lest competitors outdo them with copycat strategies.


A keyword search on the company name combined with some other keyword(s) in a news source such as the Nexis Uni database sometimes reveals plans to expand global operations, introduce product innovations, or similar strategies designed to gain a competitive advantage. Finding the best keywords or winnowing through a large number of search results may not be quick. Allow time if you want to do this kind of search.