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Business to Business Marketing: Specific Product Information

For class assignments requiring company, industry, and market share information.

General Product Descriptions

Company reports are available from the Nexis Uni database and the Business Source Complete databaseBusiness Source Complete will give only a general description of the range of products/services. For example,for a company like Paychex or ADP, broad categories like Human Capital Management (HCM) will be given.  And then a range of services such as payroll services and retirement services will be listed under each category. But details such as the names of software platforms or systems or other specific products and services will not be there.


Product Specifics

A keyword search in the Nexis Uni database will sometimes mention a new product release with limited specifics. But detailed product information generally comes directly from the company website or the sales staff or a similar company source. This might be because anyone publishing detailed product comparisons could be left open to allegations of bias or inaccuracy and  -- in the worst case  -- legal complications. Some articles link directly back to information hosted by the company such as ADP payroll services for small business. A caution about warranties: in the case of software or IT solutions, the company's reputation and client list often stands in place of an explicit warranty.