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Qualtrics - Survey Tool : YouTube Tutorials

Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool that allows users to build surveys, send surveys and analyze responses in a very simple way.

Creating a Survey

This series of short and simple Qualtrics video tutorials are a courtesy of the University of Purdue's Teaching with Technology Center.

To select a specific training video, click the Purdue Qualtrics (12videos) link on the bottom of video. Once you click the link, a banner will show up with the different videos. Select your choice and click. Or, you can click on the links bellow:

  1. Creating a survey in qualtrics.

  2. Changing survey options in qualtrics.

  3. Create a question in qualtrics.

  4. Question logic in qualtrics.

  5. Validate a question in qualtrics.

  6. Preview a survey in qualtrics.

  7. Launch a survey in qualtrics.

  8. Distribute a survey in qualtrics.

  9. View survey results in qualtrics.

  10. Exporting data from qualtrics.

  11. Data filters in qualtrics.

  12. Changing the survey appearance in qualtrics.