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Troubleshooting: Test Your Network

Can't log in? Can't access full text? Here are tips for solving common problems using library resources.

Network Testing Resource

For security reasons some employer wifi networks such as Hospitals and School Districts will block the ports that BGSU University Libraries use to provide you access to our electronic resources.

In the center column you will see the steps you can take to test you employer network.


Port Forwarding Tester

To See if your Employer Network is blocking Ezproxy:

Goto web page:

Port Forwarding Tester - Success

Change Remote Address to:

Change Port Number to:  8080

Click on Check

If Successful then result has green flag and says Port 8080 is open on

Your network is most likely not blocking Ezproxy

Port Forwarding Tester Failure

Change Remote Address to:

Change Port Number to:  8080

Click on Check

If response is:  red flag and Port 8080 is closed on

Then the issue is most likely that your employer network is set to block remote access to BGSU resources via Ezproxy.

Please let us know you ran this test and had this problem to:

You may be able to access some of our resource using the alternate link method described on above tab labeled Can't log into Ezproxy


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