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Horror Films: Researching Horror Films at BPCL

Looking for a scary movie to watch?

Resources for Horror Film Research

Want to write a research paper about horror films this semester? The BPCL has plenty of resources to help you research the culture of horror films.  Visit the Library Catalog or Summon and search "horror films" and a plethora of books will appear, however, if you are looking for something more specific don't forget to refine your search and try other search terms.  In both Summon and the Library Catalog you can refine your search to view materials offered only at BPCL.  

If you are having trouble finding books, or would just like some guidance beginning your library search please come to the 4th floor of the library and we would be happy to help you find the right resources for your horror film topic.

Keep in mind that BPCL has closed stacks and you will have to stay in the BPCL reading room with the materials you are viewing, so be sure to pick a day that you are able to spend time at the library.  If you are not able to devote much time to studying at the library you can always use our scanner to email pages of books to yourself for free.*

*Please note that this is only if the materials you wish to scan are not too fragile to be flattened.