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Career Marketing Plan (CMP): Selling Yourself: College of Business Career Accelerator

Reviews company and industry resources helpful for writing a career marketing plan or exploring a career of interest.

Get a Customized Career Report

The College of Business Administration Career Accelerator Office will create a customized report for you with links to sites where you can start your job search.

This is what the search box looks like:   

Contents of the customized report::

1. Career Fields & Earnings  (Potential)

2. Employment Trends in ACCOUNTING  (2012 projected to 2022)

3. Previous Employers Recruiting ACCOUNTING Students at BGSU..

4. Additional Potential ACCOUNTING Employers  (Alpha by Company name)

5. Professional ACCOUNTING Organizations  (Networking)

6. Step-By-Step Job Search  (Permanent, Co-op, Internships, Etc.)


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